Top 25 Animal Photos of CEWE Photo Awards 2021

With over 606,000 photos from 170 countries submitted, the CEWE Photo Award 2021 is the biggest photo competition in the world. This year's competition motto of "Our world is beautiful," is brought to life by the winning photos in 10 categories.

We're mesmerized by the shortlisted photos in the Animal category (of course, this is Supa Fluffy after all).

The category winner, a herd of elephant titled "Der Clan kuschelt" or "The clan cuddles" by German photographer Josef Schwarz is shown above. The photo shows a clan of elephant huddling together, with the smallest elephants protected in the middle of the group.

Take a look below at the rest of the shortlisted photos in the Animal category of the CEWE Photo Award 2021.

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"Mother's Love" by Dikye Ariani #bird

"Einzelzimmer frei" by Robert Sommer

"Winter nap" by Grzegorz Bukalski #fox

"Pelikan" by Christoph Schaarschmidt #pelican

"The snail" by Giuseppe Bonali #snail

"Merops apiaster" by Zdenek Pachovsky featuring a pair of European Bee-eater birds.

"Cervus elaphus" by Zdenek Pachovsky #deer #reddeer

"Gazelle leptoceros" by Morteza Akhnia #gazelle

"Schattenfürst" by Michael Joest

"Welcome to Antarctica" by Günther Gravogl #penguin

"A splash of colour" by Pete Stevens #AtlanticPuffin

"Yinandyang" by Lucia Blašková #cat

"Siesta" by Klaus Stiefel #sealion

"50 Shades of Green" by Tanja Klumpp #lizard

"kiekeboe" by Tilly Meijer #dog

"Araignée sauteuse" by Antoine Celant #spider #jumpingspider

"Indopazifische Delfine" by Peter Pfügl #dolphin

"Zebra" by Erick Schwind #zebra

"Ohhhh Nein" by Doris Dörfler-Asmus #squirrel #redsquirrel

"Inthe blue of Ouvéa" by Laurent Echenoz #mantaray

"Schwalbenschwanzraupe" by Bernd Reinthaler #OldWorldSwallowtail #caterpillar

"Nunca vueles solo" by Marc Picó Autonell

"Having a drink" by Andri Stefan Constatin #swan

"Das ist mein Fisch" by Roland Reitmaier

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