Couple Adopts One Dog, Gets More Buy one get five was the real deal, apparently!Sydney Victoria only wanted to adopt one dog. It took time for her to convince her boyfriend, but eventually, she was able to bring home the pupper of her dreams. To commemorate the journey she took in getting a pet, she posted a video of it on TikTok. Now, this particular post went viral for two reasons: the adorable story between Victoria and her new companion, and the shocking plot twist that we didn’t see coming. With over 1.2 million views, Internet users were surprised to see the cute and cuddly dog ended up giving birth to five puppies. Thankfully, they ended up keeping all puppies. But we did find it hilarious that the couple did not know that their new dog was pregnant until she gave birth. Victoria ended up wanting only one and ended up giving a home to six new puppies. It’s quite a nice end to a story!Image credit:  TikTok/@accidentalgrandma#puppies #dog #pregnancy #animals #adoption #pets 
The Car Wash is a Party for a Family of Eight DachshundsYuna has eight, count 'em, eight dachshunds! Oh yeah, and a cat. While it may seem like chaos to you and me, they are a lot of fun. She didn't set out to have eight wiener dogs, but Yuna has a big heart and they are rescues. One day, she noticed they really enjoyed the floor show as her van went through a car wash, so now the adventure is a big treat for the dogs, where they wear glow stick collars and dance to the show!
Great Dane and Chihuahua: A Perfect MatchTake a look at the picture above and think about the size difference between these two dogs. Birdie the great Dane was suffering from a false pregnancy to the point of lactating. Froggy was a newborn Chihuahua puppy discarded on a roadside. These are dogs that really needed each other.
Dog Resists Affectionate Kittens For As Long as PossibleKiwi was the only child in his family until the day his mom Océane found two abandoned kittens. The big dog was shocked when he first met the kittens Machu and Picchu, and regarded them as maybe some kind of vermin. But Mom was letting them stay around, so he tolerated them. Meanwhile, the kittens really wanted to be friends! Both of them pestered Kiwi mercilessly wanting to play. They were half grown before Kiwi suddenly decided Machu and Picchu weren't so bad after all, and they became snuggle buddies for good. See more of Kiwi and the kittens at TikTok.#dog #cat #kitten #interspeciesfriendship
Man Spends £300 To Discover That His Limping Dog Was Just Copying HimMy Modern Met introduces us to Russell Jones and his dog, Billy. Jones had to use crutches after he broke his ankle and his right good was immobilized in a cast. He limped around well enough.Then Billy began limping, too. This is always concerning to pet owners because our animals don’t know how to communicate problems with their bodies. Jones took Billy to a veterinarian and spent about £300 ($322 USD) on x-rays and painkillers, only to learn that nothing was wrong with Billy’s leg. He was just imitating his human, figuring that this is now the correct way to walk.#dog
Dog Wants to Stay in the PoolKimberly Clark's dog Duke loves playing in the pool. he doesn't want to get out, even though that's what Mama wants. Normally, Duke is a pretty easygoing dog, but in this case, can you blame him? This was in July! You can almost see the gears working in his head as he refuses. But you don't have to imagine what Duke is saying, because KLR Productions put words in his mouth. You can see more of the viral golden retriever at TikTok.-via Laughing Squid #dog #comedy #pool
Lab Lab Wears PPEThis Labrador Retriever works in a chemical laboratory, so he needs to be safe from toxic substances. That’s why he wears chemical and fume-protective gear. He works as a service dog for a human who studies chemistry, so this is normal life for this working pup. He’s a great lab partner.​Dr. Jennifer Polk shares this photo in a Twitter thread which features other working dogs in heavy-duty protective equipment. Polk is a career counselor and consultant for people with doctoral degrees who are looking for careers outside of academia.#dog #PPE #lab
Sally the Bubble PuppyA tiny dachshund puppy named Sally had pneumonia so bad that she needed an oxygen tent. It's possible that she aspirated milk while nursing, which led to lung damage. The Bottle Brigade, a group of vet techs who care for fragile or special needs puppies and other animals, took her in. Sally was confined to an oxygen chamber they called the bubble. Kathryn and her comrades didn't know how long it would take for Sally's lungs to heal, and the puppy did a lot of growing up in that bubble. Watch and see how her story turns out- you'll be glad you did. See more from the Bottle Brigade at Instagram. -via Fark#dog #dachshund #pneumonia #oxygen #bubble
The Difference Between a Husky and a Border CollieThe difference between these two dog breeds is really quite simple- the husky has been bred to run, and the border collie has been bred to keep everyone rounded up and together. Both breeds are quite intelligent, but huskies have their own priorities and aren't nearly as obedient. The border collie wants to please the boss more than anything. When you have both dog breeds, you might end up with a situation like this.
Husky Resents Being Tortured by the GroomerHuskies are really vocal dogs, and despite being large and intimidating, they can be real drama queens. Link here resents having to take a bath so much that she complains all the way through the procedure. She is sure that she's going to be murdered by the groomer and wants to speak to the manager about it. They should have named her Karen instead of Link.
Treat Your Dog to Krispy Kreme Friday for National Dog DayThis Friday, August 26, is National Dog Day. You can show your best friend some real appreciation by treating your pooch to Krispy Kreme doughnuts! But wait, aren't doughnuts kind of bad for dogs? Under normal circumstances, sure. But for this occasion, Krispy Kreme is offering special Doggie Doughnuts. These may look like real doughnuts, but they are specially designed to be tasty and safe for dogs. Krispy Kreme collaborated with the Australian pet treat company Huds and Toke to formulate them. For example, they contain carob in place of chocolate, and they are hard-baked to be more like a Milk Bone. The Doggie Doughnuts will go on sale Friday and be sold while supplies last, which they expect will be all weekend. The ingredients of Doggie Doughnuts are listed at the Krispy Kreme website. Doggie Doughnuts are safe for people to eat, but are hard and probably not suited to a human palate. But they are supposed to last for a year, so if your dog likes them, you may want to stock up! -via Mental Floss(Image: Krispy Kreme)#dog #doughnut #donut #NationalDogDay #KrispyKreme
The Twitter Account WeRateDogs is Giving Back to Those Adorable PupsThe Twitter account WeRateDogs launched in 2015 and quickly captured out hearts. It has nine million followers! Every dog that gets rated is adorable, heroic, funny, or just plain sweet. They all get a memorable caption, and they all get rated above ten out of ten, because they're all good dogs. Matt Nelson, the man behind WeRateDogs, began fundraising once a week in 2016 to help dogs get the medical care they need. In 2021, he launched the 15/10 Foundation, dedicated to providing veterinary care for shelter dogs so that they can find a permanent home.
Dog Crashes WeddingDouglas Robert and Tamíris Muzini of Brazil walked down the aisle of the church to get married. It was a grand affair with a large guest list. That list grew by one when a stray dog wandered into the church, sniffed around, and then lay down for a nap in the aisle.He didn’t seem to mind that the humans around him were busy. He had his own role to play in the event, too. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the couple paraded back down the aisle to exit the church and the dog jumped up to congratulate them. Watch the scene on video at The Dodo.-via Ace of Spades HQ​#dog #weddings #Brazil
IHOP and Waffles: A Match Made in HeavenThis is not a story about breakfast. The puppy was born without her front legs, so of course they named her IHOP. Duke and Steph, canine special-needs foster parents who go by The Pawerful Rescue, wanted to get IHOP a companion, but other dogs made her feel helpless. That is, until she met Waffles. Waffles was a 10-week-old paralyzed female Great Dane that was slated to be euthanized. But IHOP recognized a kindred spirit in Waffles, who was so happy to have a friend that she started moving her legs! Duke and Steph reclassified Waffles from a hospice case to permanent pet, and now she gets around on wheels, with encouragement from her best friend IHOP. If you are anywhere near Dallas and might like to give a special needs dog a permanent home, head over to Instagram to meet their many lovable foster dogs.#dog #specialneedsdog #disableddog #rescue  
Dog Rage Quits When She Loses at Connect 4Spot, an Australian Shepherd, lives in Bobingen, Germany. This video from 2020 shows him passing away the idle hours during the coronavirus lockdown. He likes to play board games with his human, Sophie Paulin.Well, to be more precise, Spot like to win board games. And he can’t stand losing them.He carefully plans his strategy for this elite game of wits. But if Sophie outsmarts him, he loses his temper and knocks the game over.For shame, Spot! You should study Connect 4 strategies and make this a true contest of brains.-via Born in Space#dog #Connect4 #boardgames
World's Worst Guard Dog Just Lies Down During RaidI’m borrowing the headline from Metro, a British tabloid reporting about this news story from Hortolandia, Sao Paulo state, Brazil. Police officers raided a marijuana operation, seizing 1.2 tons of pot.Video recorded by police at the scene of the raid shows three suspects lying handcuffed on the floor of the ranch house. Their huge Rottweiler, a dog breed popularly known for its aggression, lies down next to them. Because of their reputation, Rottweilers are often used as guard dogs, but this pup showed no aggression to police at all.That’s why I don’t think of this Rott as the worst guard dog—just the smartest. He’s not dying to save any of these suspected drug dealers. And if he’s really smart, he’ll offer to turn on his human companions to get a good plea deal.-via Dave Barry​#dog #guarddog #Brazil #Rottweiler
Suddenly, 4,000 Rescued Beagles Need HomesThe US Justice Department has been investigating the Envigo research facility in Virginia, which bred beagles for pharmaceutical research purposes. They found the dogs were held in horrendous conditions you can read about at NPR. Now, the Justice Department is working with the Humane Society of the United States to remove all the beagles from the facility -4,000 in all! The dogs will be shipped to shelters and other volunteer animal facilities all over the country, where they will be treated for illness or injury, spayed or neutered, and then re-homed. The Humane Society does not do individual adoptions, but is coordinating the efforts of the various shelters, which are now beginning to receive the animals. You can find a current list of shelters at their website, which will expand as more shelters agree to take the beagles. You can also make a donation for the beagles' care through the Humane Society or any of the associated shelters, a bill which will far exceed the fines levied against Envigo. The process is expected to take months, but each dog deserves to be loved and cared for as beagles should be.#dog #beagle #rescue #research #Envigo
Missing Beagle Goes to Dog Show, Wins RibbonA coincidence of timing brought a lost dog third place in a dog show. Paula Closier became frantic when she couldn't find her beagle Bonnie. Bonnie had been a street dog in Crete before Closier and her family brought the dog to their home in West Sussex, UK. Closier immediately put up notices on social media. Meanwhile, John Wilmer was driving to a dog show where he was to enter his two dogs. He spotted Bonnie on the side of the road and picked her up. He was already running late for the show, and so took Bonnie with him. Once he got his dogs registered, he posted a notice about finding Bonnie on social media. He connected with Closier, who was quite relieved to hear her dog had been found. Happy that he had found Bonnie's owner, Wilmer entered her in the rescue dog competition. After all, she was already there. Bonnie won third place in that contest, and was delivered to her family with a ribbon. Closier said, "You couldn't make this stuff up." Read the entire tale at BBC News. -via Fark (Image credit: Paula Closier) #dog #lostdog #dogshow
Dog Has an Unusual Issue With the FloorDogs can have psychological issues just like people do. Korey has a hardwood floor phobia. He can't explain what it is about the floor he hates- it could be the way it feels on his paws, but he can't articulate it. Sam did her best to accommodate her beloved dog with floor rugs, and finally found the perfect solution short of psychotherapy. Totally worth it to make Korey happy. But Korey is more than just a dog. He's a superhero to Sam! His training and talents are literal lifesavers, as explained in this video from The Dodo. We don't deserve dogs, but Korey deserves his share of accommodations. You can see more of Korey at Instagram or at TikTok.#dog #servicedog #phobia
Smart Dog Plays Fetch with HerselfMacy is a smart pup. Here she is at her ranch in Baggs, Wyoming. There’s a simple wooden plank bridge over an irrigation ditch. Macy runs halfway across and drops a stick into it. Then she dashes downstream ahead of the flow and jumps in to where the stick will be when she reaches the middle of the water course.Macy is shrewd enough to make her own fun.The original Lassie was a Rough Collie, not a Border Collie, but I’d prefer that a dog as smart as Macy was watching over Timmy for those unfortunate well incidents.#dog #BorderCollies #fetch
This Dog is a Designated HitterA garage in Marblehead, Massachusetts, has a shop dog, a blue heeler named Pepper. And what better way to fill time between vehicles than to play baseball with your dog? Pepper doesn't just play catch, though. She's in a league of her own, as a pro with a bat! You can see more of Pepper's baseball feats (and basketball, too) at Instagram. You might wonder how on earth you train a dog to wield a bat and connect so well. Think about it... if you were a dog and figured out a way to play with both a stick and a ball at the same time, you wouldn't want to do anything else but practice! -via Laughing Squid#dog #baseball #baseballbat
Pie Charts for DogsWhat makes up a Daschund? It’s a mathematical question which can be answered with a visual expression. In this case, the pie chart illustrates that a Daschund is mostly body, with a bit of ear and snout. There’s almost no tail or leg involved, but the noble Daschund makes up for it with spirit.This is one of several pie charts made by blogger John Rich that describe how much goes into each breed of dog, including Bassett Hounds, Bloodhounds, Pugs, and Welsh Corgis. I’d like to see him do something similar, but with human celebrities instead of dogs.-via Flowing Data#dog #piecharts #JohnRich
What Grandma Wants, Grandma GetsA dog's loyalty is worth its weight in gold. This golden retriever has a favorite human, and he always takes her side. She doesn't even have to say a word! He will solve any dispute in grandma's favor, and don't even think about hogging her food- you could be banished from her presence for good, or at least until she finishes her pineapple. That's a good dog. -via Boing Boing​#Dog #loyalty #goldenretriever
Chris Evans Interview Derailed by PuppiesTo promote the new movie Lightyear, Chris Evans is doing plenty of publicity appearances. He provides the voice of Buzz Lightyear, who is not the same character as the Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story. That's all explained here.Anyway, Chris Evans did an interview with Buzzfeed that involved him being swarmed by adorable puppies while answering questions about Lightyear, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and his own dogs. The questions and answers might be interesting to you, but they are overwhelmed by the sight of a dog lover movie star wallowing in a pile of puppies for eight minutes straight. This video has enough dopamine for you and anyone you care to send a smile to! A good time was had by all. -via Fark ​#dog #puppy #ChrisEvans #interview