Molly The Happy CockatooMolly talks and sings, but she laughs more than anything. Where did she learn that? From the people she is constantly entertaining! Molly the cockatoo creates an infinite feedback loop of laughter for her family. She's a master prankster, and everyone who meets her can't help but love her. Even more so when you know how far she's come. Molly had a hard time learning to trust her new family, but she came around with the help of a boy with a big heart. Now Molly really rules the roost, but she's so funny that no one minds at all. You can keep up with Molly and her antics at TikTok. -via Laughing Squid#cockatoo #bird
"My Bird is a Cat Person"While it may seem odd that a cat would have a bird for a best friend, wonderful things can happen when pets are comfortable and well fed. A little love bird named Chicken was the first pet in this home. Later she was joined by Frank, a shelter cat who "liked birds." Luckily, it meant he liked birds as friends and not food. Frank and Chicken got along so well that they got another cat, Pugsley. The three made an odd group, but the cats and bird were tight as any family could be. But then Frank fell sick and died. Pugsley and Chicken helped each other through a mourning period, and it made them even closer. Chicken is even jealous when the humans spend time with the cat! They are so close that Pugsley has pretty much taken up residence in the bird cage. May they have each other for a long, long time. -via Laughing Squid#interspeciesfriendship #cat #lovebird #bird
Kestrel Father Steps Up When Mate DiesWildlife photographer Robert E. Fuller (previously) has a webcam in a kestrel nest. The pair of kestrels hatched a brood of six chicks, but recently the mother got into a fight with some owls and never returned home. She is assumed dead. Meanwhile, the father kestrel was left with chicks too young to care for themselves. Normally, a kestrel father may sit on eggs, but after they hatch he has little interaction with the chicks besides bringing prey animals to the nest. It's the mother who keeps the chicks warm, and tears prey into smaller pieces and feeds them to the chicks. A kestrel chick who loses its mother is usually doomed. But Mr. Kes here is doing his best to mother the chicks. Above you see him making awkward attempts to keep them warm. He also gradually figured out how to feed them, as you can see below. He seems confused, but eventually tears the prey into smaller pieces.
Grocery Store Turkey Becomes a Beloved PetRosalva was picking up supplies as a hurricane was headed for Cozumel, Mexico. She noticed a turkey chick for sale, and worried that he could be hurt during the hurricane, so she bought him. Uri was supposed to be someone's dinner eventually, but Rose raised him as a pet. As a pampered pet, Uri's personality and preferences came out. The skin on his head even changes color to show his mood! Since he was bred to be eaten, and has lived far longer than planned, Uri has a few physical difficulties, but Rose is always there to make his life better. You can follow Uri at his Instagram page.#turkey #bird #petturkey
Look at the Moment a Bald Eagle Egg Hatched​A pair of bald eagles named, "Mr. President" and "Lotus" had a happy surprise as one of their baby eaglets has hatched.This happy news unfortunately comes on the heels of a tragedy for this bird family. The other chick in their nest died while hatching. The healthy baby eaglet, called DC9, weighed about 3.5-4.0 oz. It is interesting to note that baby eaglets usually grow about 3.5 oz daily during their first week after hatching. This cute little eaglet will surely grow healthy and strong, as its parents happily feed it with fish. Baby Eaglet DC9 has become a bit of a celebrity. Due to this great news about DC9’s hatching, a nightclub in Northwest Washington, D.C., called DC9, decided to offer a discount  Also, as the eaglet has been learning to tweet, the social media post about DC9 has also started to trend, and DC9’s Twitter account has gained likes and retweets. Tweet tweet! (Pun intended) ​Image credit: @naeaglecam on Twitter#Bird #Eagle #Animals #Wildlife
The Bird with the Green Lantern MaskThis is the paradise tanager, or siete colores (seven colors) as it is known in South America. Its bright green mask could have been the inspiration for the Green Lantern costume ...or maybe not. This lovely bird nests in the upper reaches of the rainforest canopy in the Amazon basin. That might explain some of its coloring- the several shades of blue on its belly would resemble the sky from below, and its black back would camouflage it against the trees when seen from above. Its tail is either yellow or red. But why the green face? maybe so paradise tanagers can see and recognize each other.At any rate, it works for the tanager. Their populations are stable across the six nations it calls home. Unlike many bird species, the female is just as colorful as the male. Read more about this lovely bird and see more pictures at The Ark in Space. (Image credit: Flickr user Nathan Rupert) #bird #paradisetanager
New Zealand Firefighter Attracts Birds Like a Disney PrincessNew Zealand animal lover Matt Owens is an author and a firefighter. He also appears to be a bird whisperer. Owens adopted a magpie named Swoop and wrote a children's book about her. Swoop eventually returned to the wild, and apparently told the birds of New Zealand that Matt is the go-to guy for birds in trouble. He and his cat Mowgli will take in birds that need help with some assistance from specialists. Matt later found an injured baby magpie that he raised. The magpie, named Zoe, has now become his personal pet. The children's book The Story of Swoop is available online. You can see more of Matt (and I know you want to) at Instagram and YouTube.#magpie #duck #bird #birdrescue #birdwhisperer
Fledgling: How Hannah Bourne-Taylor Let a Baby Finch Nest in Her Hair for 3 MonthsConnections can be found anywhere, with the most unlikely counterpart. To Hannah Bourne-Taylor, it was with a baby bronze-winged mannikin finch.Hannah and her husband had just relocated to Ghana. He was allowed to work, but her visa wouldn’t permit the same so she began feeling isolated. As a professional horse photographer, Hannah was used to being active and outdoors. To alleviate her homesickness, she turned to her new neighborhood which happened to be surrounded by grasslands. After one particular thunderstorm, she found the baby bird on the ground. The finch was abandoned by his flock, his nest blown from the mango tree.For the next 84 days, Hannah took the finch under her wings. The bird even started making a little nest in her hair. He’d tuck himself under a curtain of hair and gather individual strands with his beak, sculpting them into a round of woven locks, resembling a small nest, then settling inside.Eventually, the bird’s flock came back and the once vulnerable little birdie was strong enough to rejoin his flock. Hannah admitted that she still missed him from time to time, but was grateful for the company while he was there.#bird #nest #hair
Songs of Disappearance: An Album of Calls from Endangered Australian Birds Top the Music ChartIn December 2021 in Australia, Adele's album topped the charts for the majority of the month, followed by Ed Sheeran. The next contender, however, was a group of unheard of artists, and their album was a delightful surprise.Songs of Disappearance, produced by Charles Darwin University Ph.D. candidate Anthony Albrecht, is an album of calls from endangered Australian birds. The album charted at number 3 on Australia's top 50 albums chart, ahead of Taylor Swift, ABBA, Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé. Proceeds from album sales are donated to conservation organization BirdLife Australia."Things like the golden bowerbird — it sounds like a death ray from some cheesy '70s sci-fi series," said Sean Dooley of BirdLife Australia to NPR. "And then you get to the Christmas Island frigatebird, which the male, it has a flap of skin under its chin that it inflates like a giant red balloon. And so when it's doing these courtship sounds, it looks incredible as well as sounds bizarre."Despite the brief charting period, the university and BirdLife Australia hope that the impressions left will encourage the government and the community to take real actions towards conserving these endangered birds.#birdsong #bird #Australia
Pico the Angry Stompy Bird Hates Paper Towel RollsIf given the opportunity and permission, I too, would happily stomp my disapproval of a certain person or item– mostly a person. Imagine their surprise! All jokes aside, this particular bird knows how to properly communicate its displeasure toward its owner.In a viral TikTok video, Pico, a bird, can be seen stomping away because of something that was near him. The clip shows the bird adorably showing its disapproval around a kitchen counter until we get the big reveal– this little bird does not like paper towel rolls at all. #caique #parrot #bird #TikTok #viral #video #pets
This Lyrebird Learned to Accurately Mimic the Sound of a Crying BabyLyrebirds are known to mimic a wide range of sounds including chainsaws and car horns, but it’s unusual for them to imitate humans. That’s why it’s intriguing when Echo the resident lyrebird from Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia lets out the screeching sound of a baby’s cry. The zookeepers are wondering about how Echo mastered this eerie wailing sound. The unit supervisor of birds, Leanne Golebiowski, said that the lyrebird has been trying to mimic the sound since last year.“I can only assume that he picked it up from our guests. Obviously he has been working on his craft during lockdown. But this concerns me, as I thought the zoo was a happy place for families to visit!” Golebiowski said.Echo can also mimic the zoo’s fire alarm and its “evacuate now” announcement. Video: Taronga Zoo #lyrebird #mimicry #TarongaZoo #bird #mimicking
Roadrunner Blocked by Trump's Border Wall and Other Winners of the Bird Photographer of the Year 2021Over 22,000 photographs from around the world were entered in the Bird Photographer of the Year contest in 2021, and they are spectacular!The global photography competition has several categories, including Best Portrait, Birds in the Environment, Attention to Detail, Bird Behavior, Birds in Flight, Black and White, Urban Birds, Creative Imagery, Conservation Award, as well as age-based categories for young photographers.This one above, titled "Blocked" by Alejandro Prieto, wins the top prize as well as Gold Award in the Birds in the Environment category. The photo shows a Greater Roadrunner at a new section of the border wall between Mexico and the United States at Naco, Arizona.Take a look at the winners of the 2021 Bird Photographer of the Year below.#bird #birdphotography #BirdPhotographeroftheYear #photocompetition
The Funniest Animals From the 2021 Comedy Wildlife Photography AwardsThe Comedy Wildlife Photography Awardscompetition has just released their 2021 finalists for the world's funniest animals, so how could we not post it on Supa Fluffy?The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards competition was started 7 years ago back in 2015 by wildlife photographer Paul Joynson-Hicks MBE. Tom Sullam and Michelle Wood joined in afterwards and the founders grew the online award to a tradition that people all over the world look forward to every year.In addition to photographs, this year's competition also has funny animals caught on video. This one above is from "Hugging best friend after lockdown" by Rahul Lakhmani.More than 7,000 photographs were submitted to the competition and a total of 42 photographs were selected as finalists. The category and overall winners will be announced on October 22, 2021.#FunnyAnimals #ComedyWildlifePhotographyAwardTake a look at our favorite funny animals and finalists 2021 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards below:
Top 25 Animal Photos of CEWE Photo Awards 2021With over 606,000 photos from 170 countries submitted, the CEWE Photo Award 2021 is the biggest photo competition in the world. This year's competition motto of "Our world is beautiful," is brought to life by the winning photos in 10 categories.We're mesmerized by the shortlisted photos in the Animal category (of course, this is Supa Fluffy after all).The category winner, a herd of elephant titled "Der Clan kuschelt" or "The clan cuddles" by German photographer Josef Schwarz is shown above. The photo shows a clan of elephant huddling together, with the smallest elephants protected in the middle of the group.Take a look below at the rest of the shortlisted photos in the Animal category of the CEWE Photo Award 2021.#CEWEPhotoAward2021 #photography #AnimalPhotography #elephant