El Gato Fútbol Impresses the CrowdHe kicks, he sco... no! The goal is blocked by the football cat!
Cockpit Kittens: Litter of Five Born in Historic PlaneThe Hickory Aviation Museum in Hickory, North Carolina, has a display of historic aircraft on the tarmac at their facility on the grounds of Hickory Regional Airport. Last month, one of the employees checked out funny noises coming from their Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star. A look inside revealed nothing going on, but then a close look at a picture he took revealed cats in the cockpit. A cat had taken shelter in the plane and had given birth to a litter of five kittens! The family had gone undetected until the kittens were old enough to start running around. The mother cat is a gray feral that had been seen hanging around the airport. All five kittens were eventually trapped and were taken to the Humane Society of Catawba County. They will be available for adoption in December. The museum crew and the Humane Society are still trying to trap the mother cat so she can join the kittens at the shelter -and be spayed. -via People​(Image credit: Hickory Aviation Museum) #cat #kitten #plane #museum
Feeding the Cats- All Are WelcomeThis guy set up several food bowls in his garage to offer stray cats some sustenance. He doesn't discriminate against any of them
Ichy Came with Baggage, But It Was Worth Every MinuteIchy has had a hard life, and came with both physical and psychological trauma when Grace adopted him. The 6-year-old cat had been shot, neglected, shuttled from home to home, and had almost no teeth left. He's dealt with illness, street fighting, and homelessness. But he has turned out to be the most loving cat Grace had ever met, and everyone who meets him loves him as well. Ichy's story illustrates how a cat doesn't have to be perfect to be the love of your life.#cat #rescue   
Important Halloween Safety Tips for Your CatHalloween can be a rather dangerous time for your cats. For some folks, Halloween is a time for pranks and shenanigans, sometimes fueled by alcohol, or at least juvenile foolishness and cruelty. Cats are often the victim of such cruelty. Most cat experts would agree that the number one safety tip is to keep your cats inside on Halloween, away from the crowds of trick-or-treaters, partygoers, and mischief-maker. But there are other dangers for cats around Halloween, including party treats, candles, decorations, costumes, and more. Read up on some of the many things you should do to keep your cats safe and healthy through Halloween. Most of these tips are good for dogs, too.(Image credit: Vanessa Kay)#Halloween #safety #cat
Night of the Living Kittens and Other Frightfully Fluffy Feline FilmsWhat if, instead of zombies, the world was taken over by hordes of murderous kittens? That's exactly what happens in the horror movie parody Night of the Living Kittens by the Seattle Humane Society. This is one of thefour horror film parodies starring kittens they created for this Halloween, which they call "purrodies." They also include The Fly: Remewstered, Scream: The Kitty Collection, and Psycho: The Caterion Collection. They are all short, silly, and star cute kittens.
Melon Be Smellin' All Kinds of ThingsMelon the cat gets to smell something new everyday. And 99% of the time, she gags at the scent. Yeah, she's a picky cat, and foods that her human parents, Derek and Riley, eat just don't appeal to her for the most part. That means a treat for her brother Finn, who eats anything. You might be surprised to find that there are a few things Melon really likes to smell (and eat), but they are not what you'd expect.
They All Got New Homes But FernThe Bloomfield Animal Shelter in New Jersey held a public cat adoption event on October 16 at the local civic center. It was a smashing success, with 18 out of 21 cats and kittens going to permanent homes. However, there was one cat who was left feeling like the last kid to be picked for a sports team. Fern, a two-year-old cat, was very shy at her first public event, and was returned to the shelter.​Fern was the only adult cat not adopted at yesterday’s Adoption Event. This poor girl put on her bravest face at her first event and watched all the others go home. We know she’s a bit more reserved than other young cats her age, but we’d like to think she’s waiting to feel secure and loved in her very own Furever Home before showing her true personality.Poor kitty. But then two days after the word went out, the shelter updated the Facebook post to tell us they are reviewing multiple applications to adopt Fern! Never underestimate the power of social media. -via Fark​(Image credit: The Bloomfield Animal Shelter NJ) #cat #shelter #adoption
Tito and His Unique "Toys"Tito was abandoned at three weeks of age. It's not said, but it's more likely that he was dumped by his mother's human owners. But he was found, and Dalia took him home and bottle-fed him and nursed him back to health. Tito grew up to be a loving and playful cat, even though it took him a while to warm up to a little sister named Mona. But what really sets Tito apart is his obsession with tampons! However, once you think about it, they are the perfect cat toy: lightweight, small, has a crinkly cover and a string attached. Still, they are expensive compared to bread ties and milk rings. You can see more of Tito and Mona at Dalia's TikTok gallery.#cat #rescue #tampon
Cat in a BubbleTikTok user Maria Garcia (@sabrystargood) subjects her cats to a variety of costumes and ordeals. Here, her kitty finds himself in the middle of a giant bubble maker. Getting inside one is a mistake that he’ll never make again. Watch the cat, er, react to getting trapped inside a bubble that is, strictly speaking, harmless. But he has no reason to think so.-via Cats in Odd Places​#cat
Richey Goes from Street Cat to Boat CaptainChris Poole, also known as Cat Man Chris, became well-known through his cats Cole and Marmalade and is an advocate for stray, feral, ad homeless cats. He made friends with a stray that turned out to have been abandoned when his family moved away. With a lot of patience and catnip, Poole worked up to the easiest "getting a cat into the carrier" moment I've ever seen. The cat, eventually named Richey, was adopted by Kiley and her parents, Lori and Jason. Jason said since they talked him into a cat, he was going to get a boat. You can see a video of Richey exploring the boat for the first time here. That was a year and a half ago, and the whole family, Richey included, now takes boat trips all over. You can follow their adventures at YouTube or Facebook.#cat #rescue #boat
Cat Rescued from Wall After a Bathroom RemodelAshlin Hadden went on a business trip for several days, and arranged for her bathroom to be remodeled while she was gone. She took her two sons to stay with their dad, but left her two cats, Stripes and Cookie, in the house with an automatic feeder. When she returned, she found her bathroom finished, and her cat Cookie acting anxious. But where was Stripes? She could hear him, but where was he?
Dog Resists Affectionate Kittens For As Long as PossibleKiwi was the only child in his family until the day his mom Océane found two abandoned kittens. The big dog was shocked when he first met the kittens Machu and Picchu, and regarded them as maybe some kind of vermin. But Mom was letting them stay around, so he tolerated them. Meanwhile, the kittens really wanted to be friends! Both of them pestered Kiwi mercilessly wanting to play. They were half grown before Kiwi suddenly decided Machu and Picchu weren't so bad after all, and they became snuggle buddies for good. See more of Kiwi and the kittens at TikTok.#dog #cat #kitten #interspeciesfriendship
Cats Learning to Make BiscuitsI told a story where I mentioned my cat was making biscuits, and my brother said, "I've never heard that term before, but I instantly knew what you meant." If you have a cat, you know how they knead something with their paws when they are self-soothing. Why do they do it? It appears they are practicing their baking skills. Jim Walsh's cat Mackenzie gets a little help from a baking show.
Feral Cat Fosters Bobcat Kitten​Millstone Wildlife Center in New Hampshire was presented with a 6-week old female bobcat kitten that had been abandoned by her mother. She was much too young to be left alone, yet the wildlife center did not want her to be habituated to humans, in order that she could be returned to the wild eventually. They contacted nearby Spicy Cats, a shelter that rehabilitates feral cats. Spicy Cats has a cat named Honeybun who is quite maternal- she had already fostered several abandoned kittens, but never a wild cat. Would she take in a kitten from a different species? See the moment Honeybun was introduced to the bobcat kitten. So much purring! Honeybun was able to calm the frightened, heartbroken kitten and give her the grooming and cuddles she needs. Watch a video of the kitten chewing on Honeybun's ear. The plans are to leave the bobcat kitten at the cat shelter until she is old enough, then pair her with other bobcats at the wildlife center to learn how to be a bobcat. Eventually, she will be released back into the wild. Honeybun may find a new home as well. -via The Dodo​(Image credit: Spicy Cats)#bobcat #cat #fostermother #interspeciesadoption
Cat Upstages Opera SingerWhen singer and middle school choir teacher Maura Navarrete Bojalil was a student, she often practiced in her room. Here, she is singing "El majo discreto" (The Discreet Lover) by Enrique Granados. She doesn't get far before her cat Maximino videobombs her recording. But Maximino doesn't just want to be seen, he wants to perform!
Doorbell Camera Captures Touching Scene of a Lost Cat Returning HomeRoxy Heinhorst of Illinois had been having a bad day. After returning home from work, she and her family realized that their cat, Oliver, was missing. Upon reviewing the doorbell camera footage, they realized that Oliver had slipped out that morning. He had been gone for 12 hours.After searching outside in vain, they set Oliver’s favorite blanket out on the porch in the hope that it would lure him home. Oliver soon appeared. The camera recorded the touching moment when Roxy was able to find Oliver and bring him back home where the belonged.-via Born in Space#cat #lostpets #doorbellcameras
UK Mom Gets A Surprise When Family Cat Shows Up in School PhotosA UK mom got quite the surprise when she opened up her child’s school photos. Included in the packet were delightful pictures of the family cat. As far as we know, the cat is not actually a student at the school.At least two images were taken of the furry trespasser. The cat, for his part, did his best to blend in with the other pupils. As one can see from the Facebook photos he looked like a very proper student in both images. According to Emma Robert’s Facebook page the family’s pet cat strolled into the school on his own. He proceeded to jump on the chair placed out for pictures. Moreover, as one can see from the photos the cat clearly gives his best disinterested student pose for the camera.The cat’s antics clearly tickled the photographers. We are pretty sure the cat wasn't fooling anyone. The cat looks a little young to pass for a school aged child. People on Facebook are encouraging the school to name the cat their new school mascot. It would be a cat-astrophe if they didn't. (Image Credit: Emma Roberts) #cat #schoolphoto
Hurricane Ian Cat RescueIf you've been watching the scary and devastating news reports from Florida as hurricane Ian slams the state's west coast, take a break and watch something a little more hopeful. Megan Cruz Scavo weathered the storm at her parent's home inland from the Florida coast. Her boyfriend was at his parents' house at Bonita Beach, south of Fort Myers. They say that house is built to withstand a hurricane. The family spotted a large ginger cat that had found high ground on top of the A/C unit.
Cattera, the Heavy Metal Band with a Feline SingerWhat goes together better than heavy metal and cats? "Anything," you might think. But that's what makes Cattera so special. This band has a cat for a lead singer. Actually, their only singer. Record company executive Anna Mrzyglocki took in a street cat she named Roope-Shakir, and was impressed by his strong meows. The next thing you know, Roope-Shakir is heading a four-piece band with a single called "Hunger of the Beast." Cattera is obviously inspired by Pantera (for the name) and Iron Maiden (for the song title). No cats were harmed in the making of this song. Let's seeRoope-Shakir at work.
Ring Video Shows Mountain Lion Transfixed by its Own ImageA mountain lion in Big Bear California was captured on video by a home's Ring camera. The video was taken at about 4 am. At first the mountain lion is startled by its own reflection. Soon, however, the lion becomes entranced by what it sees.According to KTLA, the home owner thought the video was a must share. While mountain lions are common among the foothills and mountains of the San Bernadino National Forest, it is not often one is seen staring at its own reflection. What was the mountain lion thinking? Maybe he was thinking he looked like one cool cat. #mountainlion #cat #california
A Selective Feeder for Different PetsFeeding time at my home zoo is a chore because the animals enjoy each other’s food. It’s necessary for me to lock the pets in different parts of my home to prevent them from eating their siblings’ dinners. So I really need a gadget like this by Instructables member tomasdiazwahl.His cat is diabetic and needs a special diet. He needs only his food and all of his food, so tomasdiazwahl combined an Arduino Uno and a bathroom scale to trigger the opening and closing of the cat’s covered food dish. It opens only by the cat’s known weight within half a pound.-via Hack A Day#cat #feeder #DIY
Nugget and His Potato FriendsNugget loves his dad, to the chagrin of his mom, who was the one wanting to adopt a cat in the first place. But Nugget loves potatoes more than anything. I once had a cat who ate potatoes- she would find them wherever my mother moved them. She didn't like the peels, though, and we would find the evidence in little cat-bite shaped potato skin shreds. But Nugget doesn't eat potatoes; he just likes having them around. They are like a security blanket of sorts for this cat who is a survivor of mouth cancer. Nugget is now toothless, but he gets all the love and care he needs from his family. You can keep up with Nugget and his potato friends at Instagram.#cat #potato #toothless
Cat Aspires to Be an EyepatchWhat makes a gorgeous man look even better? His much-loved cat. Italian TikTokker Luca Gervasi often posts short videos about his life with his cat Belen. She just can't get close enough to him, and often sleeps -or just rests- right on his right eyeball.