The Wild Zebras of CaliforniaYou expect to only see zebras roaming free in Africa. It's true that some farms have zebras, but they are usually few in number and restricted by fences, as in zoos. But in San Simeon, California, there is a herd of 151 wild zebras, a growing population that does just what zebras do when they are free to live their lives as they please. These zebras were once the property of newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst. As a display of his wealth, he owned the largest private zoo in the world, until the Great Depression forced him to sell off most of the animals. He kept the zebras for a while, until a winter storm destroyed their fence and they just walked off to roam Hearst's 77,000 acres of land. In a quirk of fate, the ranch land in California is very much like the African savannah, and over the next 80 years, the zebras thrived and reproduced. Read about the California zebras and the laws, or lack thereof, that allow them to run free at Big Think. -via Real Clear Science(Image credit: BMilne) #zebra #California
A Baby Boom at the Louisville ZooBabies are spring up all over at the Louisville Zoo in Kentucky! On May 19, the zoo welcomed the birth of three Canada lynx kittens to mother Matilda and father Sitka. The kittens are doing well and will be in seclusion until late June. Also in May, a Bennett’s wallaby named Alexa gave birth to four joeys. She's carrying three of them in her pouch, where they normally stay for nine months or so. One male joey left the pouch early (too crowded?) and is being cared for by zoo staff.But there's more! In April, a harbor seal named Tonie gave birth to her first seal pup at the Louisville Zoo. Azizi, a Hartman's mountain zebra, delivered a female foal on May 13. The foal is already on display to the public.
Young Zebra Foal Befriends One-Day-Old Baby RhinoThe Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary in South Africa took in a one-day-old rhino calf. The calf, named Daisy, was incredibly weak and extremely vulnerable. The staff of the sanctuary took turns taking care of the poor baby animal. The calf was vulnerable to illness because she didn’t have colostrum from her mother’s milk.While Daisy was recovering, she befriended another patient at the sanctuary’s ICU. Modjadji, a young zebra foal, started keeping the baby rhino company, befriending her. The two could be found cuddling and nuzzling together as if helping each other to heal. The sanctuary posted a video of the two animals hanging out on their Facebook page. "She has befriended little Daisy and is really offer a lot of comfort. She is incredibly gentle with her, and the two seem to be good friends already," they wrote. Image credit: Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary #healing #rescue #animals #rhino #zebra #CareforWildRhinoSanctuary #SouthAfrica
Zebras Spotted in Maryland BackyardI know what you're saying- zebras aren't spotted, they are striped. But tell that to Layla Curling, who looked out the window Tuesday to see a zebra in her backyard in Prince George's County, Maryland. By the time she alerted her mother, there were three zebras in their yard. So Mom got on the phone.​“I called 311 and she thought I was crazy, she thought I was crazy. She paused for a long minute. I said, 'Ma’am, I am not drinking. I have not had any drugs. I have zebras in my backyard walking on the train tracks. I just wanted to know what service could come out because I didn’t want them to get hit and she paused for a long time and then said, 'OK, here's the number," Layla's mother, Alexis Reed Curling, said.
Top 25 Animal Photos of CEWE Photo Awards 2021With over 606,000 photos from 170 countries submitted, the CEWE Photo Award 2021 is the biggest photo competition in the world. This year's competition motto of "Our world is beautiful," is brought to life by the winning photos in 10 categories.We're mesmerized by the shortlisted photos in the Animal category (of course, this is Supa Fluffy after all).The category winner, a herd of elephant titled "Der Clan kuschelt" or "The clan cuddles" by German photographer Josef Schwarz is shown above. The photo shows a clan of elephant huddling together, with the smallest elephants protected in the middle of the group.Take a look below at the rest of the shortlisted photos in the Animal category of the CEWE Photo Award 2021.#CEWEPhotoAward2021 #photography #AnimalPhotography #elephant