Cat Has A New Favorite Spot That Left Owners ConfusedWe don’t really get it, but good for her?A viral TikTok video has been making the rounds, showing a cat’s hiding spot. With over 1.5 million likes and 7.1 million views, Internet users are treated with a puzzled owner showing his tabby cat named Lizzie in her new hiding spot.Said area is underneath the curtain, which covers only half of her face. Defeats the purpose of hiding, don’t you think?  Her lower body remains exposed! "I don't get it, but I'm happy for her," her parent exclaims in the video. Honestly, we don’t either. According to Jenna Stregowski, RVT, Daily Paws' Pet Health and Behavior Editor, hiding is normal behavior for cats. They usually choose to hide only their heads. "Hiding, whether all or part of their body, is a way for a cat to feel safe and secure while at rest," Stregowski shared. "Plus, it can block out excess light if they're trying to sleep. In some cases, hiding the head is the cat's way of telling others that they need space." Image screenshot via speeeegle/TikTok
A Rescued Marmoset and Her Beloved ToothbrushThe pygmy marmoset is the smallest monkey species in the world. Native to the rainforests of Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador, they are small enough that an adult can fit in the palm of your hand. The Rare Species Conservatory Foundation in Florida took in a baby pygmy marmoset a few years ago who was rejected by her mother because she is deaf. She wouldn't have much of a chance on her own even as an adult, but has found a permanent home and safety. Ninita gives us a glimpse into the tiny adorable life of a pygmy marmoset. How small are they, really? Check out this clip from the Apple TV+ series Tiny World.
When the Cat Meets the New BabyCats, even cats who hate strangers, will instinctually make allowances for babies, whether they are kittens, puppies, humans, or other creatures. Nick Filippou gives us a compilation of clips showing how the family's cat Minnie reacted when their newborn daughter arrived. Minnie was curious but cautious, and quickly fell in love with the new family member. Filippou runs the website i iz cat and draws cartoons featuring Minnie and the rest of the family. This one really caught my eye, and illustrates the bond between baby and cat.
Meet Pinto Bean, The Sword-Fighting Dog​The Dodo introduces us to Pinto Bean and her human squadmates, Anna and Luke Kimbro. Anna and Luke enjoy acting our fantasy fencing scenes with costumes and fake swords.So does Pinto Bean.They never formally taught Pinto Bean the art of the blade. But she was born to it and was immersed in a pack that devotes itself to the sword. As a result, she has learned to wield the blade. She appears to prefer the kopis.
Blind Kitten Brothers Have Adapted BeautifullyFour-week-old littermates George and Hamilton had eye infections that were so bad they went blind. Luckily they were taken in young enough that their lives could be saved. Nicole was supposed to be their foster mother, but couldn't bear to give up the two blind kittens. They've grown and adapted in amazing ways. They chirp to call each other and let their location be known. Otherwise, they act like normal cats, if your vision of a normal cat is one who is friendly, affectionate, and welcoming to strangers. These boys are now two years old and still thriving. You can see a lot more of George, Hamilton, and Nicole's foster kittens at Instagram.Aside from all that, you have to wonder whether they were named for George Hamilton, or for George Washington and Alexander Hamilton. 
The Dog Who Scammed People Into Treating Him as a HeroDogs are very intelligent. When they are rewarded for something, they tend to do it again. Reward them again, and you've got a habit going. In a story from 1908 France, we learn of a Newfoundland who became a habitual rescue dog when he got a fine steak for pulling a drowning child out of the River Seine. Matt Nelson of We Rate Dogs tells the story, as reported in The New York Times.