Reuniting a Leopard Cub with His MomWorkers in a sugar cane field in India came across a leopard cub by itself. They called Wildlife SOS, who had the cub checked out by a veterinarian. Because the cub was healthy, they figured he wasn't really abandoned. Most likely, the cub's mother hid him in the field while she went hunting, not realizing that humans would come and work the plot. One of the biggest threats to leopards is agriculture encroaching on their habitat. So organization volunteers put him back where he was found after the workday was over, hoping that Mom would come and get him. They also left cameras behind, to make sure he was okay. Sure enough, the mother leopard came looking for him! Notice the difference between how small the cub looks when his mother is around, and how large he looks while being handled by humans.
The Pure Joy of Watching a Dog in a Leaf PileIf you need a reason to get out and rake the leaves, there's none better than the joy your dog will get from jumping into that pile. Stella lives for autumn and the fun of a heap of dry leaves just asking to be played in. Her happiness is contagious, and soon everyone is piling on!
Man Finds His Stairs are a Wildlife HighwayPatrick has a set of stairs leading down to his back door. He also has a Ring camera trained on those stairs. After receiving an alarming number of notifications, he skimmed through the overnight video and found that there's a veritable zoo using his stairs at night when all the humans are asleep. He saw bears, skunks, birds, and cats going up and down. He didn't even know there were bears in his neighborhood. But the revelation cleared up one mystery.“I had no idea they were using our steps,” says Patrick, “but we noticed every time we took our dog for a walk, she would always take so long on the steps smelling each step. Now we know why.”Boing Boing-via
This Ginger Cat is a High JumperToday I found out that I'm not the only person who has a big orange cat named Apollo. This Apollo is in pretty good shape- he can jump over six feet high! Apollo can be pretty demanding, especially when it comes to food. He seems determined to grab every bit of pleasure out of life. You have to respect that. Apollo's human is a veterinarian, so we know he's getting good care, and is very much loved and appreciated for who he is. You can see more of Apollo's feats of disrespecting gravity at Instagram.
Good Dog Helps Mom with Laundry​Anya the German shepherd is very smart, very loving, and very big. She wants to make Mom happy by helping around the house. In this video, you'll see her getting the laundry out of the dryer, but you might not really see that because her big, soulful eyes will grab your attention.
Bed for Sale Has Heated Snake EnclosureThis bed solves so many problems in one single device.Okay, so you need a place to sleep. It’s a bed, so it’s ideal. You need a place to keep your snakes. It’s got a snake enclosure beneath the mattress. To ease you to sleep, you can listen to your snakes hiss and rattle at night. And since it’s heated, you’ll be warm during the winter months.And let’s not forget the romantic appeal that this bed could offer a partner who’s looking to experience something new.It’s the perfect Christmas gift! The Daily Star reports that this object is on sale on Facebook Marketplace for a mere £200. You’d better buy it quickly.-via Dave Barry