Dog Welcomes Human Dad Back In Such A Sweet WayWe’re cooing with all the adorableness!Dogs are loyal. They love unconditionally, and they will miss you when you’re gone. Even if you just went outside for a few minutes for an errand. They’ll greet you with whines and happy yips of excitement, and they will consistently come to your side in joy and welcome. A delightful video shows how much affection a dog can provide when their paw parents come home. A darling Miniature Schnauzer, named Charlie, can be seen getting on his hind paws and starts jumping out of happiness when his dad came back.  With the way the dog runs close and asks for some pats, one can assume that’s been weeks or months since they last saw each other. Not really. Charlie's dad was just away for hours due to work, but never underestimate a dog's capacity for missing somebody!"Charlie's favorite time of the day is when his dad comes home from work!" the filmer, Genna Davis shared with WooGlobe. Check the video here!Image credit: Genna Davis#dogs #pets 
Sacramento Zoo Welcomes New Baby GiraffeGiraffes come into the world with aplomb, dropping from a standing mother several feet onto the ground, breaking the umbilical cord and jarring the calf into immediate activity. Giraffe babies stand about six feet tall at birth! They have to be tough, running around on those extremely thin legs within minutes.The Sacramento Zoo welcomed a new Masai giraffe on Sunday, January 22, when the mother Shani finally dropped a healthy baby girl. Shani had been showing signs of imminent birth for four days already, and was getting quite used to the zoo's maternity enclosure. Mother and baby are doing fine. The new giraffe will not be officially displayed for quite some time, but keeping animals this large out of sight is not guaranteed. Meanwhile, you can keep up with the new calf at Instagram. -via Zooborns​
A Crash Course on Socializing Feral KittensHow about spending a few minutes watching four adorable kittens doing kitten things, and meanwhile you can learn something? Flatbush Cats (previously) runs a trap-neuter-return program for feral cats in Brooklyn, and are also working to establish a veterinary clinic for both homeless cats and low-income families with pets. And when they can, they take kittens off the streets and find them permanent homes. Kittens born to feral mothers don't know anything about trusting humans, but they are young enough to learn. It's not an easy task, but it is wonderful to watch, as a volunteer foster dad takes us through the steps to show a litter of four feral kittens that humans can be friends. He also addresses the hardest part of fostering kittens: how to let them go. The trick is to focus on the next group of kittens that need your love and attention.
Is That Cat Really a Stray?We have a lot of stories about feral cats and stray cats who find a loving home, which is great. If those stories inspire you to be good to the cats around you, that's great, too. If you've been making friends with a "stray" cat in your neighborhood, it's possible that the cat is abandoned, or it could be a feline con man, accepting food and scritches from anyone willing to give them even though he has a permanent home. Adopting a new cat would be a terrible mistake if that cat belongs to someone. Feral cats are easier to spot, as they are afraid of people and usually not all that healthy. But that cat that hangs around looking for human interaction may or may not be a stray. On the other side, if your cat is on a diet and doesn't lose weight, he may be out there trying to convince your neighbors that he's homeless and hungry. My tomcats have made friends with all the neighbors and get treats from many of them. It's a good thing I've made friends with the neighbors, too. They aren't fooling anyone.
Man Finds A Squirrel In His Driveway And Raises ItRobert Milburn was in his driveway when he noticed a tiny, hairless creature lying on the pavement. Instead of leaving it out in the cold, he decided to wrap it up to keep it warm and take it inside his home.After browsing the Internet, he found out that this small animal the size of his thumb was actually a newborn squirrel. Milburn decided to wait for its mother to return and house the baby animal in a shallow box. The mother did come back once he set the box outside, but it left again. He assumed that this was because of the newborn’s mouth deformity, which made it unable to suckle properly. So, he decided that he would raise the tiny creature himself. He fed the newborn with a  puppy formula with a syringe every three hours, around the clock. The squirrel then grew and grew, and Milburn earned a new furry companion and friend in his home. He eventually named the baby squirrel Robert “Bobby” T. Squirrel. Milburn shared the journey of him and his squirrel on his TikTok account, and everybody on the Internet admired him for taking on a newborn animal, as well as keeping him close even if the animal already has a family at the present. Image credit: robertsquirrel/TikTok#squirrel #newborn #care 
Playful German Shepherd Thwarts Delivery AttemptAt first, it’s all very cute. The Amazon delivery driver is amused that the German Shepherd wants to play. But he also has work to do.The more the driver focused on his duties, the more the dog is determined to play with him. He’s trying to secure and photograph the package, which only encourages the dog to play keep-away with the small package.Eventually, the driver gives up and no doubt logs in one of the oddest photo confirmations ever showing the package in the dog’s mouth while the dog is in the yard. “Bye, buddy.”-via Born in Space