Cat Squeezes Into a Small Glass VaseWe've often posited that cats are liquid, because they take the shape of their container. This video raises the possibility that cats are actually a gas, because they take both the shape and the volume of their container! A sweet cat named Boo takes a dive head first into an impossibly-shaped glass container and manages to rearrange herself in a manner that pleases her. Listen carefully, and you can hear her purr as she gets where she wants to be. Her human says this is typical for Boo, as this is her favorite resting place. We are assured she manages to get herself out fairly easily, and has no clue that an audience is on the edge of their seats when she does this. The question is: is she fully grown? If she gets much bigger, that glass jar may have to be upgraded. -via Laughing Squid#cat #liquidcat
The Science Behind Talking ParrotsThe verb "to parrot" something means to repeat it back exactly as heard. Some birds learn to do this with amazing accuracy. Parrots not only learn to talk like humans, many of them seem to understand what they are saying. Why do parrots do this, but dogs and cats and cows do not? The answer lies in their anatomy and their natural inclinations. This TED-Ed lesson goes over the natural parts of parrots that give them the gift of human speech. The bigger question is whether they understand the speech or not. Some parrots are pretty good at using language in context, but is that a totally learned response or an understanding of how language works? And is there really a line between those two possibilities? -via Geeks Are Sexy#parrot #speech #talking #talkingbird
Behind the Scenes at a Cat ShowWe all know what to expect of a dog show, because some of them are broadcast to the world. That's not quite the case with cat shows, which cater more to a large but intimate world of cat lovers. The cat competitors are trained to be at ease in their cages and in the judging ring, but they still want to play with anything that moves, including nearby cats. However, as laid back as the cats and their owners are, the judges take their tasks quite seriously. Personality plays no part in judging the best of the cat breeds. A cat can be sound asleep while the judges check whether the jawline is just right, or the cat's hair is tipped with the proper color for its breed. The judges have committed to memory the standards for 42 breeds recognized by the Cat Fancier's Association. But then there's the household pet division, where personality comes into play, as well as cleanliness and health. That's the division the judges enjoy the most, and so do the spectators. Get a look at what goes on at a cat show from the perspective of a cat lover journalist attending her first cat show, from the qualifications of the judges to the training of show kittens, at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania's CBS station. -via Fark(Image credit: FinnFrode) #cat #catshow
Five, Count 'Em, Five Tigers Born in New JerseyThere are an estimated 500 or so Siberian tigers left in the wild. A mother cat at Six Flags Great Adventure Wild Safari in New Jersey has added the equivalent of 1% of that population in one day. That was on May 2, when a tiger named Nadya gave birth to her third litter consisting of one male and four female cubs. Tigers usually bear two to four cubs at a time.Four of the cubs were at normal weight and are deemed healthy. One female cub was underweight, and was put in an incubator and hand-fed by staff. She is thriving under the extra care, and is catching up to her sibling's size rapidly. The four larger cubs will soon go on display at the park. Nadya's earlier litters were all named after US soccer stars. Whether these five will follow in their footsteps is still up in the air. -via Fark#tiger #Siberiantiger #litter #tigercub
Smart Dog Plays Fetch with HerselfMacy is a smart pup. Here she is at her ranch in Baggs, Wyoming. There’s a simple wooden plank bridge over an irrigation ditch. Macy runs halfway across and drops a stick into it. Then she dashes downstream ahead of the flow and jumps in to where the stick will be when she reaches the middle of the water course.Macy is shrewd enough to make her own fun.The original Lassie was a Rough Collie, not a Border Collie, but I’d prefer that a dog as smart as Macy was watching over Timmy for those unfortunate well incidents.#dog #BorderCollies #fetch
Mama Tawny Owl Adopts Two Rescue Owl ChicksThere’s nothing more heartwarming in the world than a found family.Luna the tawny owl has had a series of misfortune with her offspring. First, she lost a set of eggs. Then, after waiting for a year for another batch, her eggs failed to hatch. But miracles do happen. Luna’s caretaker, Robert Fuller, came across two rescued chicks in need of a mother. Immediately, Robert knew who to place them with.While Luna was away, Robert placed the baby owls in her nest in hopes that Luna would take them once she was back. Sure enough, in the footage capturing the moment of Luna’s return, the tawny owl immediately took the two babies under her wings (literally) for warmth. It was love at first sight for the mama owl and a new family was born!  #owl #tawnyowl #babyowl #adoption