The Tallest Dog in the World Thinks He's a Lap DogThe Guinness Book of World records has crowned a new Tallest Dog in the World. he is a great Dane, or maybe we should call him a great big Dane, named Kevin. Kevin has been measured at three feet and two inches tall at the withers. The withers are defined as the tallest point of an animal's back, usually where the spine meets the neck. Kevin is a lot taller when he stands on his hind legs! Kevin is the beloved pet of Tracy and Roger Wolfe of West Des Moines, Iowa, and lives with the couple and their two children, plus cats, dogs, goats, chickens, and horses. Kevin towers over their miniature horse. He can simply step over a baby gate used to corral the other dogs. But this dog doesn't think of himself as oversized; he's just part of the family. You can read more about this gentle giant at Smithsonian.
Koala Eats Shoots and Leaves, and Gets Busted For It​Eastern Forest Nursery in South Gundurimba, New South Wales, was the victim of vandalism last September when thousands of eucalyptus tree seedlings were eaten. Security footage revealed the culprit was a koala named Claude. A higher, more koala-resistant fence was installed, but Claude came back this year, in broad daylight, and ate thousands more seedlings! The nursery donated the damaged seedlings to the World Wildlife Fund, since they were being grown for a new wildlife corridor anyway. The WWF became thoroughly interested in Claude's shenanigans.
You Can Measure a Lion's Heart Rate with an Apple Watch around Its TongueLet’s say that you are a wildlife veterinarian and you encounter a lion. You need to measure this lion’s heart rate. This may seem complicated, but Dr. Chloe Buiting is Australian, so she has a straightforward way of doing so: she wraps an Apple Watch around the lion’s tongue. The strap is very sensitive and responds readily to pulses in the tongue.Bruiting acknowledges that the technique is unconventional. But she also points out that one of the greatest challenges to performing surgery in the wild is administering and monitoring anesthesia correctly without a formal surgical facility. The Apple Watch is adequate for the task.-via Dave Barry
The Pet Poetry of SchnoodleDoodleDoThat tail has a cat on it. Cats there just to carry the tail around…what’s the Problem ? is it wrongto have a tail that’s Extra long??i hold it proudly in the air -(i have a l e n g t h y tail to share)n when i’m in the deepest snowmy tail above will always show ;}won’t let me disappear from sight -(i’m holding onwith all my might!) ​This poem accompanied a reddit post from criderslider, sharing their cat's unusually long tail.Every once in a while, a reddit member will gain a reputation as a poet. I am glad to have discovered SchnoodleDoodleDo, who focuses on posts about pets, and when inspiration strikes, quickly writes a relevant poem about a picture or video that's been posted in one of the animal forums. She writes in a cadence that's reminiscent of Dr. Seuss's rhymes, and they are always filled with love and respect for the critter pictured.
Elephants Have Names, and They Use ThemCats and dogs can learn the names we use for them, but African elephants have their own names that they call each other. According to a new study just published in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution, elephants use distinct calls for individual members of their families. These sound like low rumbles to us, but elephants can distinguish their own name being called. Some of their vocalizations are even below the range of human hearing.Scientists figured this out by recording elephants at two national parks in Kenya. The elephants' vocalizations were fed into a computer to be analyzed by artificial intelligence, which learned to predict which elephant was being called with 28% accuracy. That doesn't seen high, but when scrambled data was analyzed, the elephants were identified by name with 0% accuracy. After all, we don't know elephant language that well. Read more about this intriguing line of research at MSN. -via Fark​(Image credit: Bernard Gagnon) 
Keith, the Horseback Riding CatI always found it hilarious to see a cat with a very human name like Keith, but that tells us more about the human who named him than it does about the cat. Keith was a barn cat at a riding arena, which means his job is pest control. But when you don't have an infestation of rodents, that leaves a lot of free time. Keith decided he wants to be with the horses, and especially to be with Angela, who came to ride. Once Angela took Keith for a horseback ride, there was no turning back. Don't miss his tiny cowboy hat! But as much as Keith loves horseback riding, I think he loves Angela more. You can see more of Keith at TikTok.​