The Best of Crufts Dog Show BloopersWe love to see champion dogs strut their stuff, but the most entertaining parts of any dog show are those dogs who do not fit the standard of their sport or even of their breed. Watch a compilation of dogs from the annual Crufts Dog Show (previously) charm the crowd by going their own way, when they are supposed to be racing down a track or following an agility course. They are certainly not supposed to be peeing on the judges! The 2024 Crufts Dog Show will be held March 7-10 in Birmingham, UK. We will see an avalanche of videos featuring the most beautiful, well-behaved champions, the fastest race dogs, and the fearlessly adept agility competitors. And if we are lucky, we'll see the dogs who don't do so well, and we'll enjoy them all the more. They are all good dogs. -via Fark
Kidney Disease in Cats and a Possible BreakthroughCats who eventually die of natural causes are very likely to succumb to kidney disease. Some estimates say that 10% of cats over ten years old have some dysfunction in their kidneys, although those estimates can go up to 50% depending on the scientist and the parameters of the question. So when recent headlines said things about doubling a cat's life span, they are talking about preventing or reversing kidney failure to raise the average lifespan of cats. Now, be aware that such a headline doesn't mean all cats, because it doesn't take accidents, violence, or neglect into account. Also, while eliminating a common natural cause of death will extend the average lifespan of a cat, it doesn't tell us anything about the lifespan of any particular cat that doesn't develop kidney disease. Plus, we don't know how long cats could live if kidney disease were eliminated. Those cats could run into other age-related problems we haven't considered yet. But the news is still good. Any extra time with out beloved pets is good news, and besides that, the research has implications for the battle against human kidney failure, too. Hank Green explains what happened and what we've learned about battling cat kidney disease.
The Deep Love of an Older CatPolly waited a long time to find a good home. She was rescued from a hoarder situation and placed in a shelter. The shelter didn't hold out much hope that this cat would be adopted, since she was already about 15 years old, deaf, and lost quite a few teeth. Then Sarah took her home to give her a good life for whatever time she had left. Polly turned out to be a really affectionate cat and it wasn't long until she was part of the family. And she seemed to grow younger as she got healthy!I also have an elderly deaf cat with few teeth left (although not a polydactyl like Polly), and this story touched my heart. My Marshmallow was always standoffish, but became really affectionate once she turned 14. Elderly cats tend to appreciate life more as they age, and enjoy cuddles more than in their younger years. If you are considering getting a cat, think about how much joy you can bring to an elderly homeless cat, because they can bring a lot of joy to you. You can see more of Polly at Instagram.
Two Adorable Long-nosed, Long-legged DogsClaire has the mind of a poet. She also has two dogs, a borzoi the size of a horse named Abby that her partner Dom had, and together they adopted Cleo, a silken windhound about half the size of Abby, but who also has long legs and a long snout. Meet the dogs they refer to as noodles.
Fluffy Cat Turns Into a SprinterHave you ever met a cat who loved to run just for the fun of running? The life story of a Siberian forest cat named Rackarkatten is a joyous romp in nature. She lives in Sweden with Magnus Luntrun, and is enjoying every minute. Knowing how much his cat loved to run when they were at their country home, Magnus began racing with her. Rackarkatten always wins, although you get the idea that she's not doing it to be competitive, but rather for the joy of running at maximum speed. Rackarkatten was an indoor city cat during the week, and really let loose on their trips to the country house. Her joy in the outdoors inspired the family to move to the countryside permanently. At age 15, she appears years younger, which shows us the value of regular exercise. You can keep up with the adventures of Rackarkatten at Instagram. -via Laughing Squid​
Dog Became Famous for His Train ObsessionJust as some young people want to run away and join the circus (or at least that's the term we once used), Bob ran away and joined the railroad. Born in 1883 in South Australia, Bob was a mixed breed dog with a case of wanderlust. Already obsessed with railroad workers, at nine months old, he left home for good and was next seen 60 kilometers away in Adelaide. He must have hitched a ride on a train. From there, Bob lived a railroad life. He was sent with a shipment of strays to help with rabbit control, but on the way he stole the stationmaster's heart. William Ferry taught Bob to do tricks and took him along for all kinds of railroad tasks. From that point, he belonged to the railroad. Bob traveled thousands of miles, and made friends with every railway worker he met. And they loved him so much that Bob became quite the celebrity. Read the story of Bob the beloved railway dog at Amusing Planet.