Kitten Teaches Herself to Ride a SkateboardPuka is a curious kitten, and apparently has no fear. At the tender age of three months, the gorgeous ragdoll encountered a skateboard and immediately climbed on it. She soon figured out how to make it move by jumping on it, and from there there was no turning back.
Dog Plays Guitar with Wagging TailThis dog in Kalamazoo, Michigan, is preparing for her fame-filled musical career by learning how to play the acoustic guitar. She’s really good even though she uses only her tail. Just think about how compelling her music will be once she adds her paws to the fretboard!Management takes a bit of work, though. In order to play effectively, our canine star has to be in the right mood. So give her plenty of encouragement and praise because she has to play her joy as only a dog’s tail can fully express.-via Laughing Squid
19 Feral Cats Achieve Permanent Residence at Mexico's National PalaceA colony of feral cats has made Mexico's National Palace their home for at least 50 years. The cats have free rein to wander the grounds, greet tourists, and interrupt meetings. They have often made cameos in televised presidential briefings. But now it's official.The administration of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador declared the 19 cats as "living fixed assets," a designation that protects them as it would other fixed assets, such as architecture. The designation will mean that the cats will have food and veterinary care for the rest of their lives, even after President López Obrador leaves office this fall. All 19 cats have names, and since López Obrador took office, they've been fixed and microchipped, and the palace has its own veterinarian, Dr. Jesús Arias, who makes sure the cats are up-to-date on their vaccinations and are eating right. Meet some of these habitantes felino del Palacio Nacional and learn the history of the palace cat colony at NBC.-via Fark ​(Image credit: Luis Alvaz) 
Cop Wrassles PigUntil two days ago, the people of Grantsville, Utah—a residential community west of Salt Lake City—lived in terror of three little pigs. This particular beast was among them until one intrepid officer bravely wrestled it down.
Making Lifelong Friends with a RaccoonBrittany Rose Seidel moved into a new home and found that it came with wildlife. A raccoon had been coming around to procure food from the previous owners, so Brittany decided to continue the practice. She named the raccoon Roxie and gradually became close friends with her. Eventually, they began to trust each other so much that when Roxie had a baby raccoon, she brought it over to show Brittany! In time, Brittany got the chance to return the favor by introducing her own baby to the raccoon mother. You can keep up with Roxie, Brittany, her baby daughter, and their dogs, cats, goats, bunnies, chickens, and other family members at TikTok.
A Cat's Battle for His Rightful InheritanceIn 1935, Louise Baier of Washington Heights in New York City took in a stray kitten and named him Tommy Tucker, possibly after the famous orchestra leader of the day. Tommy was had some behavioral quirks and health problems, but Baier loved him. She was also an advocate for cats and cat charities. When Baier died in 1939 with no heirs, she bequeathed funds for several animal and children's charities, plus her housekeeper, and $5,000 for Tommy. In fact, she had spelled out exactly what was to become of Tommy. Baier had designated Dr. Henry L. Hirscher, Tommy's veterinarian who knew the cat well, as Tommy's caretaker. She also appointed a trustee for Tommy's funds, and instructions for the eventualities of Tommy's death or Dr. Hirscher's death. That seems like everything was covered, except for the fact that the judge in the probate case did not find it appropriate for a cat to inherit $5,000. Read the story of Tommy Tucker and his inheritance at The Hatching Cat. -via Strange Company​