What It's Like to be Chased by a SlothOh dear! How will you ever escape a sloth who is determined to chase you down? There's a reason these animals were named after the laziest of the seven deadly sins. While these young guys at the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica (yeah, there are several different animals in this compilation) look to be the fastest sloths in the whole compound, they are still pretty slow. It's a good thing they aren't predators, or they would have gone extinct long ago. Even a dramatic movie soundtrack wouldn't have helped them. The Kid Should See This tells us more about the two kinds of sloths at the sanctuary, Bradypus variegatus, or the three-toed sloth, and Choloepus hoffmanni, or the two-toes sloth. -via Nag on the Lake​
Flying Squirrel Stages the Perforance of a LifetimeIt sure looks like a broom handle fell over and killed this pet flying squirrel. But that's not what happened. The "victim" faked it all!
When Your Cat is a Night OwlI suspect that she wondered why she felt so tired at work all day, and set up the camera to document the evidence.
Bear Learns Not to Mess with a Mother MooseWe mere humans often don't realize how large moose are until we see them in relation to something else. A hungry bear would love to feast on moose meat, but the full-grown moose is much bigger than the bear (also full-grown). But she has two young calves (that look delightfully like horse foals). The bear would have a much easier time with one of those tasty young calves, but their mama says "not today." She will defend those calves with her life!The bear doesn't want to give up, though, and keeps making his moves in between retreating up a tree. The people recording this interaction a couple of weeks ago in Anchorage are safely far away, as you can see from the camera movement and refocusing. It's a good thing, too, because these are two very dangerous animals. They don't tell us how the whole episode ended; we can assume the animals moved out of camera range. We hope the bear gave up and decided to go fishing instead. -via Digg​
Newborn Meerkat Triplets at the National ZooThe Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute in Washington, DC, welcomed the arrival of meerkat triplets on May 10, the first time they've had three born at once in 16 years. The mother, Sadie, is five years old and the father is 6-year-old Frankie. Their brood is the result of the institute's careful selective breeding to ensure genetic diversity. The National Zoo keeps their meerkats together in a "mob" the way they would live in their natural habitat. Their enclosure has constructed burrows that mimic those in the wild. Sadie gave birth in the burrow, as expected, but in the wild, the newborns would stay hidden for about three weeks. Sadie wanted to show off her babies, and brought them out into the exhibit area the same day they were born! Sadie has been observed nursing the pups, so they are assumed to be healthy. Zookeepers will not handle the pups for some time, so their sex is still unknown. Read more about the new meerkat pups at Zooborns.
Dog Explodes With Joy Seeing His New PoolOh, what a joy!Meet Thor, a golden retriever that is extremely obsessed with water. Thankfully, this energetic ball of life is with a paw parent that appreciates and takes note of his inclination towards puddles of water.While during the hot months, Thor can go out and find puddles to swim around in, it’s the winter season when he gets a bit lonely. Seeing this, his dog dad decided to convert the garage into a pool house so he doesn’t need to brave the cold, winter air, and snow just to have fun. Sure enough, when it’s time for Thor to be introduced to the newest addition to his home, this pupper explodes with excitement and joy as he sees the pool for the first time. It’s just a lot of “awws” for us over here. Check out the video above to learn more about Thor!