Who Says Cats Don't Fetch? A young cat named Roger Dodger shows how he goes to all lengths to retrieve an object and take it back to his human. Up on the cat cubby, to the sisal column, to the second column, to the high shelf, the the second shelf and the third shelf, ever higher! Then all the way back down, using the cabinet instead of the cat cubby this time. He's adorable and well behaved. But you would be, too, if you had a roommate like Smokey Drone Fun. That gymnastics training center he built on the wall must have been quite a project! With all that to jump on, Roger has no reason to upset the large TV and computer screens against the same wall. Teach your cat young, and you may have an internet star on your hands! -via a comment at Fark#cat #fetch 
When a Cheetah Steals Your JacketWildlife filmmaker Gordon Buchanan has been following a litter of three cheetahs in the Kalahari desert almost since their birth. He never approached them, but they were always aware of his presence. Now that they are large juveniles, their curiosity has overcome their suspicion and they want to check out Buchanan's possessions. As human children just appropriate your stuff to play with, so do the cheetahs. Buchanan, as an experiencedwildlife documentarian, doesn't want to interfere with the cheetahs' nature by interacting with them, but he wants his jacket back! Enjoy this amusing clip from the BBC series Cheetah Family and Me. What I find fascinating is that the cheetahs look fully grown, but their faces still retain that big-eyed cuteness that makes you want to hug kittens and other babies. #cheetah #wildlife 
Bear Intoxicated from Eating Hallucinogenic HoneyA young female bear was found wandering aimlessly in the Duzce province of Turkey on Thursday. You may think "wandering aimlessly" is a natural state for a bear, but this one appeared to be intoxicated. Wildlife officials captured the bear and took her to a veterinary clinic. There, doctors determined she was not only intoxicated, but tripping. She had been eating honey made by bees that feed on rhododendron flowers. A species of rhododendron that grows only in Turkey's Kaçkar mountains and in the Himalayas produces a hallucinogenic substance called grayanotoxin. A few local beekeepers sell the honey, called deli bal, or "mad honey."
"My Bird is a Cat Person"While it may seem odd that a cat would have a bird for a best friend, wonderful things can happen when pets are comfortable and well fed. A little love bird named Chicken was the first pet in this home. Later she was joined by Frank, a shelter cat who "liked birds." Luckily, it meant he liked birds as friends and not food. Frank and Chicken got along so well that they got another cat, Pugsley. The three made an odd group, but the cats and bird were tight as any family could be. But then Frank fell sick and died. Pugsley and Chicken helped each other through a mourning period, and it made them even closer. Chicken is even jealous when the humans spend time with the cat! They are so close that Pugsley has pretty much taken up residence in the bird cage. May they have each other for a long, long time. -via Laughing Squid#interspeciesfriendship #cat #lovebird #bird
Flatbush Cats is Tackling the Street Cat Problem in New WaysThere are an estimated half a million cats living on the streets of New York City. Flatbush Cats is an organization that tries to do something about the feral cats, stray cats, and kittens in Brooklyn. Flatbush Cats coordinates and army of TNR (trap-neuter-release) volunteers to keep feral cats from multiplying. They also capture kittens and socialized strays in order to find them homes. But there are more problems that keep cats on the streets. People are willing to adopt cats, but are often unable to afford spaying and other veterinary care, which leads to more kittens and abandoned cats left to fend for themselves on the streets. So Flatbush Cats is launching a new initiative to open a veterinary clinic specifically to serve street cats, shelter cats, and families with low incomes in order to spay and neuter cats and help them recover from the dangers of street life.
Dog Crashes WeddingDouglas Robert and Tamíris Muzini of Brazil walked down the aisle of the church to get married. It was a grand affair with a large guest list. That list grew by one when a stray dog wandered into the church, sniffed around, and then lay down for a nap in the aisle.He didn’t seem to mind that the humans around him were busy. He had his own role to play in the event, too. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the couple paraded back down the aisle to exit the church and the dog jumped up to congratulate them. Watch the scene on video at The Dodo.-via Ace of Spades HQ​#dog #weddings #Brazil