Ukrainian Army AnimalsOne of the more emotion-stirring Twitter feeds I've come across is UkrARMY cats & dogs. It documents the interactions of the Ukrainian fighting forces and the dogs and cats they love. These soldiers are putting their lives on the line for their homeland, and they defend the country's animals as well.
Horse Training Using a SkeletonRebecca is a horse trainer in Oak Grove, Missouri. She got creative in training a horse named Bon Jovi. Bon Jovi is a nine-year-old Morgan mare, and Rebecca is desensitizing her and giving her a feel of what it's like to be controlled by a human rider. But instead of a human, she placed a lightweight plastic skeleton on her back! Rebecca is calling out orders and controlling the skeleton's movements with ropes. What could possibly go wrong? Well, the same thing that could go wrong with an inexperienced rider... the horse proved to be a lot more powerful than the skeleton, and yes, there were definitely bones broken. -via Laughing Squid#horse #horsetraining #skeleton
Rose the Mountain Lion Finds a HomeWe've been following the story of Rose, a juvenile mountain lion that was found starving in the mountains of California. She was taken to the Oakland Zoo rescue and rehab department, where veterinarians and staff fought for her survival. That was back in April. Rose was later joined by a rescued male mountain lion they named Sage. They both made a good recovery from their ordeal of being orphaned too young, and have been taken to their new permanent home at The Living Desert, a wildlife park in Palm Desert, California. -via Zooborns​#mountainlion #cougar #rescue #rose
Elephants Find Freedom in Sanctuary​Pocha the Asian elephant was born in a German zoo. She has lived most of her 55 years in a small concrete enclosure at the Mendoza EcoParque in Argentina. She and her daughter Guillermina finally got to leave the zoo in May of this year and were taken 2,092 miles (3,366 kilometers) to Elephant Sanctuary Brazil, where they can roam through grasslands and the rainforest and meet other elephants. The transition was very gradual, as these elephants were suffering from sensory deprivation. But their joy in their new home is easy to see. You can see plenty of videos about Pocha, Guillermina, and their journey at the sanctuary's website.#elephant #sanctuary #ElephantSanctuaryBrazil #rescue
Cattera, the Heavy Metal Band with a Feline SingerWhat goes together better than heavy metal and cats? "Anything," you might think. But that's what makes Cattera so special. This band has a cat for a lead singer. Actually, their only singer. Record company executive Anna Mrzyglocki took in a street cat she named Roope-Shakir, and was impressed by his strong meows. The next thing you know, Roope-Shakir is heading a four-piece band with a single called "Hunger of the Beast." Cattera is obviously inspired by Pantera (for the name) and Iron Maiden (for the song title). No cats were harmed in the making of this song. Let's seeRoope-Shakir at work.
Lab Lab Wears PPEThis Labrador Retriever works in a chemical laboratory, so he needs to be safe from toxic substances. That’s why he wears chemical and fume-protective gear. He works as a service dog for a human who studies chemistry, so this is normal life for this working pup. He’s a great lab partner.​Dr. Jennifer Polk shares this photo in a Twitter thread which features other working dogs in heavy-duty protective equipment. Polk is a career counselor and consultant for people with doctoral degrees who are looking for careers outside of academia.#dog #PPE #lab