Frolicking Foxes Photographed Finding Fun in ForestIf you need a pick-me-up today, watch a litter of playful fox kits playing with a GoPro camera. It's a weird inedible object in the forest, so it must be a toy, right? Slovakian wildlife photographer Turiecfoto had seen a foxhole in the hills of Turkey, and set the camera in a meadow to see what could be captured. We don't know how long he had to wait for this adorable footage, but it was worth it. -via Laughing Squid​#fox #kit #GoPro
Uncle Russ Gets Wet to Save a Fox KitNot all heroes wear capes, but some wear socks when wading out into brackish water. Uncle Russ saw something struggling and didn't hesitate to go get it. American viewers were waiting for the alligator to emerge, but this is Britain, where canals are not necessarily deadly. ​See the rescue in a TikTok video.Notice the desperate fox turning toward the man as he approached. Russ emerged from the water with a fox kit that had apparently fallen in the water, who knows from which side or how far away. The couple took the kit to a wildlife rescue center, where it was put on antibiotics and was expected to be released eventually. We hear that Uncle Russ was bitten during the ride and had to check his tetanus shot record. British canals may be gator-free, but they aren't clean.As an aside, when people call this a fox cub or puppy, and you correct them by telling them it's a kit, the response will always be "It looks fully assembled to me." -via reddit #fox #kit #rescue
Winners of the 2021 World Nature Photography AwardsWe live in a beautiful world full of wholesome moments. But this world also has its share of terrifying moments and pictures, which remind us that the world can be dark. This image of a leopard seal trying to eat a Gentoo penguin is a great example. Amos Nachoum took this photo on a remote island off the Antarctic Peninsula during the low tide in the area.Nachoum's image, titled "Facing Reality" won the grand prize of The 2021 World Nature Photography Awards. Also handed to him was the World Nature Photographer of the Year title. Nachoum wrote:For hours, I waited for the low tide to arrive along a shallow lagoon on a remote island off the Antarctic Peninsula. Like clockwork, the leopard seal arrived in the lagoon just before low tide. It put its head in the water and looked just like a rock sitting in the receding water. The young Gentoo penguins only dare to enter the water when it is shallow and when they got close enough to the seal, it turned its head at lightning speed, catching one of the penguins by its feet and taking it to deep water. Once the seal reached open water, I followed it and swam parallel to it, observing its actions. To my surprise, it let go of the penguin twice. Each time, the seal chased after the penguin again, as if it was enjoying the game. The terrified penguin tried to escape as the game continued. But soon, the end came.As I said before, we live in a beautiful world, as shown by the other pictures submitted in the competition, like this picture of macaques enjoying each other's warmth.Here are some of the pictures from the 2021 World Nature Photography Awards. You may also submit photos to the website for this year's competition.Image: Amos Nachoum#Nature #Photography #Animals #WorldNaturePhotographyAwards #penguin #GentooPenguin #seal
Foxes Enjoy Their Remote Control CarThe foxes at Save A Fox rescue in Minnesota got a wonderful toy for Christmas: a new remote control car! While some of the foxes are former pets, most are surrendered by fur farms, and have never encountered a toy like this. It sure is one speedy car, and has a tail for added allure. But there's a bonus for us in that the car is equipped with a rear-facing camera so we can watch them chase it. That's a sure path to fox fitness. But what would they do if they caught it?
Family Adopted a Husky Puppy that Turned Out to be a Wild FoxMaribel Sotelo of Comas, Peru, tells of how her son bought a puppy that was supposed to be a husky. They named the pup Run Run and treated him like any dog. They noticed he had an injury and nursed him back to health. It was only three months later that Run Run started acting a little wild.
Fox Enjoys a Banjo Concert in the RockiesAndy Thorn is practicing a new song for his band Leftover Salmon. Banjos are easier to take outside, so he's playing in his gorgeous backyard in Colorado. A curious fox comes by to listen. He wanders a little, but comes back to catch the end of the song. When the music stops, he just sits there, waiting for something. An encore? Sure!
This Wild Baby Fox Decided to Live in Woman’s Yard Humans normally choose their pets. But for Emma Thompson, it’s the other way around, and you’ll never guess which animal it was.                Like many of us, Thompson has transitioned to a work-from-home setup because of the COVID-19 pandemic. One day as she was busy working alone in her office, Thompson suddenly felt that there was someone else with her. “Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something orange and moving right by my leg — at the same time, she saw me and raced out the door,” she said. It was a baby fox. Thompson named her Foxy and this little creature eventually decided to live in the nice lady’s yard. They’ve grown to be a lot more comfortable with each other ever since, and Foxy has even brought over her sister to the yard.  But Thompson has never patted Foxy nor her sister, and she tries to keep her distance. She knows that as wild animals, Foxy and her sister can’t be too dependent on humans.Images: Emma Thompson#fox #wildlife #workfromhome #pets
Top 25 Animal Photos of CEWE Photo Awards 2021With over 606,000 photos from 170 countries submitted, the CEWE Photo Award 2021 is the biggest photo competition in the world. This year's competition motto of "Our world is beautiful," is brought to life by the winning photos in 10 categories.We're mesmerized by the shortlisted photos in the Animal category (of course, this is Supa Fluffy after all).The category winner, a herd of elephant titled "Der Clan kuschelt" or "The clan cuddles" by German photographer Josef Schwarz is shown above. The photo shows a clan of elephant huddling together, with the smallest elephants protected in the middle of the group.Take a look below at the rest of the shortlisted photos in the Animal category of the CEWE Photo Award 2021.#CEWEPhotoAward2021 #photography #AnimalPhotography #elephant