They All Got New Homes But Fern

The Bloomfield Animal Shelter in New Jersey held a public cat adoption event on October 16 at the local civic center. It was a smashing success, with 18 out of 21 cats and kittens going to permanent homes. However, there was one cat who was left feeling like the last kid to be picked for a sports team. Fern, a two-year-old cat, was very shy at her first public event, and was returned to the shelter.

Fern was the only adult cat not adopted at yesterday’s Adoption Event. This poor girl put on her bravest face at her first event and watched all the others go home. We know she’s a bit more reserved than other young cats her age, but we’d like to think she’s waiting to feel secure and loved in her very own Furever Home before showing her true personality.

Poor kitty. But then two days after the word went out, the shelter updated the Facebook post to tell us they are reviewing multiple applications to adopt Fern! Never underestimate the power of social media. -via Fark 

(Image credit: The Bloomfield Animal Shelter NJ

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