Young Zebra Foal Befriends One-Day-Old Baby Rhino

The Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary in South Africa took in a one-day-old rhino calf. The calf, named Daisy, was incredibly weak and extremely vulnerable. The staff of the sanctuary took turns taking care of the poor baby animal. The calf was vulnerable to illness because she didn’t have colostrum from her mother’s milk. 

While Daisy was recovering, she befriended another patient at the sanctuary’s ICU. Modjadji, a young zebra foal, started keeping the baby rhino company, befriending her. The two could be found cuddling and nuzzling together as if helping each other to heal. The sanctuary posted a video of the two animals hanging out on their Facebook page. "She has befriended little Daisy and is really offer a lot of comfort. She is incredibly gentle with her, and the two seem to be good friends already," they wrote. 

Image credit: Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary 

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