A Baby Boom at the Louisville Zoo

Babies are spring up all over at the Louisville Zoo in Kentucky! On May 19, the zoo welcomed the birth of three Canada lynx kittens to mother Matilda and father Sitka. The kittens are doing well and will be in seclusion until late June. Also in May, a Bennett’s wallaby named Alexa gave birth to four joeys. She's carrying three of them in her pouch, where they normally stay for nine months or so. One male joey left the pouch early (too crowded?) and is being cared for by zoo staff. 

But there's more! In April, a harbor seal named Tonie gave birth to her first seal pup at the Louisville Zoo. Azizi, a Hartman's mountain zebra, delivered a female foal on May 13. The foal is already on display to the public.

But that's still not all! The zoo is also expecting a new Masai giraffe sometime in June to mother Kianga. You can follow all the new babies at the zoo's Zoo Babies page. -via Fark 

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