Chris Evans Interview Derailed by PuppiesTo promote the new movie Lightyear, Chris Evans is doing plenty of publicity appearances. He provides the voice of Buzz Lightyear, who is not the same character as the Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story. That's all explained here.Anyway, Chris Evans did an interview with Buzzfeed that involved him being swarmed by adorable puppies while answering questions about Lightyear, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and his own dogs. The questions and answers might be interesting to you, but they are overwhelmed by the sight of a dog lover movie star wallowing in a pile of puppies for eight minutes straight. This video has enough dopamine for you and anyone you care to send a smile to! A good time was had by all. -via Fark ​#dog #puppy #ChrisEvans #interview
Buried Puppy Rescued in DonbasA 77-year-old man in the village of Mykhailivka in Ukraine miraculously survived when his home was completely destroyed. Everything he owned was gone, including his dog. Rescue workers from the Donetsk regional police were checking out the damage after Russian shelling destroyed most of the homes in the village. When the workers heard a sound, they dug a couple of feet down through thick dust and fallen blocks and were able to retrieve a puppy! It took a a few seconds for the dog to realize he can breathe again. The moment of rescue was captured on video.
Bulldog Gave Birth to a Green PuppyWhat would it be like to see the birth of a green dog?A 3-year-old bulldog gave birth to eight puppies — and one of the newborn’s fur is green. On January 27, a Canadian couple named Trevor and Audra Mosher had thought that their pet, Freya, was done delivering seven puppies. However as they cleaned Freya, she suddenly went into labor again — this time, an eighth puppy was encased in a black sac, different from the translucent sacs of the other puppies.
The Joys of Parenting, for AnimalsThis cat daddy couldn't keep his eyes open after putting up with four rambunctious kittens all day! We know one child will exhaust you, and some animals have up to a dozen at a time. Yes, cats and dogs and other animals love their offspring, but just like humans, they become exasperated by these uncivilized youngsters who just want to eat and play all the time.
A Father-Daughter Conversation Between Two BeaglesThis is just too cute! Leo the beagle is imparting his wisdom to Lilly the puppy, but she, like all beagles, has a little sass to throw back at him. The argument is not exactly earth-shattering, from a human point of view, but you have to admit both of them are making some good points.
Photos of Precious Pups Sleeping Together Captivates Everyone’s Hearts​Pictures of pups in a puppy daycare center have gone viral as these cuties enjoy their relaxing rest after some fun time inside the center.Don’t want to leave your dog on a busy day? Consider enrolling it in a puppy daycare center. Such sights of pups playing and sleeping together can be seen from Puppy Spring in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.After some series of games and exercises planned by the center, these little puppies need to recharge their batteries so they can get back to the business of being adorable fluffballs. That’s the time when the employees sneak in to snap some pics of these cutie pies.“There are reservations for 30 dogs each day. We also operate as a play center where children can come in to relax,” a Puppy Spring spokesperson told Bored Panda.​Image credits:@puppyspring#dog #puppy #PuppyDayCare #sleep
Serbian Man Found and Adopted a Stray Puppy Who’s Been Living in a ShoeGoran Marinkovic is a Serbian native who saves stray dogs and cats and adopts or finds homes for them. He would go on walks through the streets of Kraljevo, Serbia, always bringing food with him. For him to be able to feed stray cats and dogs is his life’s mission. Marinkovic came upon a little dog that appeared to be abandoned, cold, and in horrible shape in March of last year. This dog used to dwell near a trash heap and used an old boot as a shelter that protected her from the elements. When Marinkovic saw the puppy's condition, he couldn't bear leaving it.He picked the puppy up and took her to the veterinarian hoping that she would survive. Marinkovic adopted the dog and named her Coco. After a while, the puppy regained her strength and became a happy dog. Following Coco's recovery, Marinkovic contacted his friends and fellow rescues who were familiar with international animal adoptions.Coco is now a happy, full-grown dog that enjoys going on adventures with her family (or should we say, pawmily).Images by: Goran Marinkovic#dog #puppy #straydog #shoe #boot #GoranMarinkovic #Serbia