The Joys of Parenting, for Animals

This cat daddy couldn't keep his eyes open after putting up with four rambunctious kittens all day! We know one child will exhaust you, and some animals have up to a dozen at a time. Yes, cats and dogs and other animals love their offspring, but just like humans, they become exasperated by these uncivilized youngsters who just want to eat and play all the time.

Look at her eyes. This mother is obviously thinking "I'm tired. Why doesn't he ever get tired?" Enjoy 50 pictures of animals and the children who drive them crazy in a ranked list at Bored Panda. It's not all cats- there are plenty of dogs, plus birds, livestock, and wild animals, too. There are also a few pictures of blissful animal families to break up the tension.

(Upper image credit: Марина Фомичева, lower image credit Valens

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