Serbian Man Found and Adopted a Stray Puppy Who’s Been Living in a Shoe

Goran Marinkovic is a Serbian native who saves stray dogs and cats and adopts or finds homes for them. He would go on walks through the streets of Kraljevo, Serbia, always bringing food with him. For him to be able to feed stray cats and dogs is his life’s mission.

Marinkovic came upon a little dog that appeared to be abandoned, cold, and in horrible shape in March of last year. This dog used to dwell near a trash heap and used an old boot as a shelter that protected her from the elements. When Marinkovic saw the puppy's condition, he couldn't bear leaving it.

He picked the puppy up and took her to the veterinarian hoping that she would survive. Marinkovic adopted the dog and named her Coco.

After a while, the puppy regained her strength and became a happy dog. Following Coco's recovery, Marinkovic contacted his friends and fellow rescues who were familiar with international animal adoptions.

Coco is now a happy, full-grown dog that enjoys going on adventures with her family (or should we say, pawmily).

Images by: Goran Marinkovic

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