Bulldog Gave Birth to a Green Puppy

What would it be like to see the birth of a green dog?

A 3-year-old bulldog gave birth to eight puppies — and one of the newborn’s fur is green. On January 27, a Canadian couple named Trevor and Audra Mosher had thought that their pet, Freya, was done delivering seven puppies. However as they cleaned Freya, she suddenly went into labor again — this time, an eighth puppy was encased in a black sac, different from the translucent sacs of the other puppies.

As Trevor Mosher told Global News, the rare discoloration was reported before. "We started to dry her off and noticed she was green and immediately again thought there was something wrong. So we googled it, 'my puppy is green, what's wrong,' and apparently it is very rare and it has happened a few times all over the world." 

The couple also said that the puppy’s green coloring has faded gradually since its birth and experts say it will completely be gone in the following weeks.

The names being considered for the green pup are Hulkette, Fiona, Wasabi, Lucky Irish, and Pistachio, as Freya Mosher posted on Facebook

Image credit: Audra Rhys

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