Dog Welcomes Human Dad Back In Such A Sweet WayWe’re cooing with all the adorableness!Dogs are loyal. They love unconditionally, and they will miss you when you’re gone. Even if you just went outside for a few minutes for an errand. They’ll greet you with whines and happy yips of excitement, and they will consistently come to your side in joy and welcome. A delightful video shows how much affection a dog can provide when their paw parents come home. A darling Miniature Schnauzer, named Charlie, can be seen getting on his hind paws and starts jumping out of happiness when his dad came back.  With the way the dog runs close and asks for some pats, one can assume that’s been weeks or months since they last saw each other. Not really. Charlie's dad was just away for hours due to work, but never underestimate a dog's capacity for missing somebody!"Charlie's favorite time of the day is when his dad comes home from work!" the filmer, Genna Davis shared with WooGlobe. Check the video here!Image credit: Genna Davis#dogs #pets 
Man Rides The Train With A Puppy In His BackpackLook, we love adorable puppy videos as much as the next person does. This one though? This one we really love! It’s always a joy to see how a pet and its human parent adjust and do their best to be comfortable during a trip. It sparks more enjoyment and serotonin if we see the animals look so comfortable and happy.A video posted on an Instagram page called Pet Town gained a lot of attention because it shows a puppy sitting inside a backpack while riding a train with its human. It certainly induced a lot of cooing from the general Internet user base. The page captioned the footage with “pure love,” as the puppy can be seen enjoying a nap inside the bag of the commuter, who was also sleeping. Check the video here for an instant happiness boost to your day!Image credit: Pet Town/Instagram #pets #dogs #puppies #train #commuting #adorable
Shepherd Dog Stops To Ask A Man A FavorHe’s just a little man doing his job!A surveyor in a rural region of southern Chile was taking measurements of the land and plotting maps. While doing his job on a dirt road, the surveyor, named Mati Lillo, discovered that he was not alone. Upon noticing a flock of sheep, he found a cute little dog that was the group’s protector and guide. “Obviously, he is a very skillful pup,” Lillo told The Dodo. The dog proved his skills by leading the sheep in the man’s direction, much to his initial surprise and wonder. When the group of animals stopped in front of Lillo, who was in front of them, the dog actually went towards him and gestured, asking him to move out of the way. Upon realizing what the pupper meant, Lillo moved away, impressed. “My mom taught me to treat animals well and love them in all their forms,” Lillo said. “Animals express themselves, same as people. It’s up to us to understand and appreciate that.”Check out the TikTok video above to see how the event happened! We were certainly cooing at how adorable and knowledgeable the dog was! #dogs #Chile #herder #guide #communication
Why Aren't There More Dogs at the Doctor's Office?That’s the question that Mena Davidson, a doctoral student in ecology at the University of Michigan, asks. At JSTOR Daily, she describes how dogs’ powerful sense of smell is increasingly being harnessed by medical professionals for diagnostic purposes. Trained dogs can reliably detect forms of breast and lung cancer, the C. difficile bacterium, and even COVID-19.It’s not necessary to literally bring dogs into the offices of primary care providers in order to interact with patients. Dogs can work in laboratories to smell samples of blood, urine, sweat, and breath from patients.Davidson argues that pilot studies have already demonstrated clear advantages to dogs in the field of medical detection. Now it’s time for “large-scale, reproducible studies” so that medical researchers can make concrete claims about dogs in human medicine.-via Marginal Revolution | Photo: Simon King#dogs #medicine
Kye the Rescued Donkey Thinks He's a DogA three-month-old donkey was abandoned by his mother after his birth. Fortunately, this young foal is now part of John Nuttall’s herd of animals. Nuttall, 64, rescued the animal, now named Kye, and raised him alongside his family’s other pets.Kye, funnily enough, is now acting like a dog. This is because the foal spent his early life with Nuttall’s dogs. Kye goes for walkies, plays ball, and even responds to dog whistles. According to Nuttall, even if the foal is now moved into a paddock with other donkeys, his dog-like mannerism will remain.  “I kept him in the house, and then he used to go in the garden with the dogs, so he grew up with me and the dogs, really,” he said. Image credit: John Nuttall/ SWNS#animals #rescue #donkey #Kye #care #dogs 
Covid Sniffing Police K9: These Specially Trained Dogs Can Detect Covid by SmellCovid sniffing police dogs, Huntah and Duke, can 99% accurately detect COVID-19 by smell. The detection program was developed by Florida International University’s International Forensic Research Institute.According to Bristol County Capt. Paul Douglas, the K-9s can detect any variant such as the Omicron and Delta variant. Once they smell the virus, they alert the staff by sitting down. These sniffing heroes will go around in schools in Massachusetts to help kids feel secure about their surroundings. Even if the students are there, the dogs will go through the backpacks and around the teachers.#covid #dogs #policedogImage: CBS Boston
The Dogs of 2021No matter how bad our day is, we know when we get home, our dog is going to be happy to see us. Dogs are the very embodiment of unconditional love, and as useful as they are in other ways, that's really enough. The Twitter account We Rate Dogs always finds the best boys and girls. Today they gave us a year-end roundup of the very best dogs of 2021. There are a lot of them.
The Cutest Pets on Instagram in 2021The year 2021 was a rough one for many of us, but there are dogs and cats on the internet to make us feel better. These pets don't worry about the fate of the earth or viruses or politics. They just lead the happiest life they can, and we love them for it. Above you see Maya the Polar Bear. She's not really a polar bear; she's a samoyed who spreads happiness like a cloud.
A "Medical Mystery": Totally Blind Dog Fooled a Vet After It Completed an Obstacle Course Like No Other Blind Dog CanA 'furmom' named Jane Downes got her dog, Dave, from an animal rescue center in February 2020, where Dave was cleared of issues regarding his eyesight. Dave has lived a pretty normal and happy life just like other dogs, although there are instances when he walked into things that may have implied a problem with his sight. However, Jane saw this as a result of Dave being a sheepdog who may have spent his years living in a barn rather than a house.A few months later, Dave stumbled over a step in a pet shop and the owner of the shop suggested that Dave might be blind. Jane then took Dave to a specialist vet who confirmed that Dave has been blind since birth. He added that despite Dave's eye condition, he performs well in obstacle courses; he does not behave in a way other blind dogs do, which remains a mystery up to this day. #dogs #animals #medical #mystery #veterinary #blind​
Here at Last: UGG Boots for DogsIn 1978 an Australian surfer on the coast of California founded UGG, a global lifestyle brand known for its iconic Classic Boot. UGG is now teaming up with Very Important Puppies (V.I.P.) which was founded by two sisters; Sabrina Albarello and Katerina Karelas who elevated clothing and accessories for dogs.The two companies; UGG and VIP, collaborate to launch the first ever dog booties inspired by the UGG Classic Boot. The collection fuses the neutrals of the iconic Classic Boot with V.I.P.’s pop colors, making for sartorially functional pup footwear.The four-legged footwear is made up of rich faux suede, fluffy faux fur for trim accents with the signature overstitch seams. The boots provide an easy entry front opening and an adjustable wrap around hook and loop strap for a snug fit, finished with a durable rubber outsole built for any weather.“Ugg was the best partner to bring our vision to life for this new fashion focused dog product that didn’t exist in the market,”said Sabrina Albarello, co-founder of Very Important PuppiesThe collection will be available by December 22 and pre orders can be made exclusively at Very Important Puppies.#UGGBoots #Puppies #Dogs #VIP #DogBoots #PuppyBoots #DogApparelImage Credit: Very Important Puppies
This Pitbull Mix Named Ivy Has Short Spine Syndrome, And She Looks like A Cross Between A Dog And A FrogMeet Ivy, an energetic dog taking TikTok by storm with her funny and adorable videos. She’s not your normal dog, however, as she has short spine syndrome. She doesn’t seem to mind it, however. Even if she cannot turn her head that much, and even if she cannot walk properly, Ivy just goes on with her life.See Ivy’s videos on TikTok.Short spine syndrome is a very rare condition in dogs. It is said that only about 30 dogs in the world have this condition.(Image Credit: Ivyvibing via TikTok)#Entertaining #Cute #ShortSpineSyndrome #Dogs #Animals