The Cutest Pets on Instagram in 2021

The year 2021 was a rough one for many of us, but there are dogs and cats on the internet to make us feel better. These pets don't worry about the fate of the earth or viruses or politics. They just lead the happiest life they can, and we love them for it. Above you see Maya the Polar Bear. She's not really a polar bear; she's a samoyed who spreads happiness like a cloud.

Meet Suki Cat. Suki is a travel adventure cat, and poses in the most gorgeous places. Read her story at Neatorama. Suki now travels with her humans and a husky named Killua.

I wouldn't want the job of selecting the top pets of the year, but Daily Paws took a stab at it. Whether the list is exactly right means nothing. You can see and read the stories of nine wonderful dogs and cats and begin following them at Instagram if you please. And that's enough. 

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