Kye the Rescued Donkey Thinks He's a Dog

A three-month-old donkey was abandoned by his mother after his birth. Fortunately, this young foal is now part of John Nuttall’s herd of animals. Nuttall, 64, rescued the animal, now named Kye, and raised him alongside his family’s other pets. 

Kye, funnily enough, is now acting like a dog. This is because the foal spent his early life with Nuttall’s dogs. Kye goes for walkies, plays ball, and even responds to dog whistles. According to Nuttall, even if the foal is now moved into a paddock with other donkeys, his dog-like mannerism will remain.  “I kept him in the house, and then he used to go in the garden with the dogs, so he grew up with me and the dogs, really,” he said. 

Image credit: John Nuttall/ SWNS

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