A "Medical Mystery": Totally Blind Dog Fooled a Vet After It Completed an Obstacle Course Like No Other Blind Dog Can

A 'furmom' named Jane Downes got her dog, Dave, from an animal rescue center in February 2020, where Dave was cleared of issues regarding his eyesight. Dave has lived a pretty normal and happy life just like other dogs, although there are instances when he walked into things that may have implied a problem with his sight. However, Jane saw this as a result of Dave being a sheepdog who may have spent his years living in a barn rather than a house. 

A few months later, Dave stumbled over a step in a pet shop and the owner of the shop suggested that Dave might be blind. Jane then took Dave to a specialist vet who confirmed that Dave has been blind since birth. He added that despite Dave's eye condition, he performs well in obstacle courses; he does not behave in a way other blind dogs do, which remains a mystery up to this day. 

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Image credit: SWNS

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