Watch How this Man Lovingly Wakes up His Deaf and Blind Dog in the Morning

It's already difficult enough to take care of a dog. It's even more difficult when the dog you're taking care of has special needs. Still, Aiden Mann, a veterinary assistant, took up the challenge of taking care of a dog with special needs when he decided to adopt Plum, a deaf and partially blind miniature Australian shepherd.

One of the first challenges Mann faced when he adopted Plum was how to wake up the canine, and he tried several methods. Mann tried gently petting Plum to wake her up, but this only startled her. Mann also tried something less intrusive by placing a treat under Plum's nose, but this also was not effective.

Finally, Mann discovered the best method to waking up his blind and deaf pup — by gently blowing on her nose.

Mann posted a video of him waking up Plum on TikTok, which became viral after a few days.

Throughout his time taking care of Plum, Mann has learned to communicate with the dog.

(Image Credit: Aiden Mann/ TikTok)

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