Dog Welcomes Human Dad Back In Such A Sweet WayWe’re cooing with all the adorableness!Dogs are loyal. They love unconditionally, and they will miss you when you’re gone. Even if you just went outside for a few minutes for an errand. They’ll greet you with whines and happy yips of excitement, and they will consistently come to your side in joy and welcome. A delightful video shows how much affection a dog can provide when their paw parents come home. A darling Miniature Schnauzer, named Charlie, can be seen getting on his hind paws and starts jumping out of happiness when his dad came back.  With the way the dog runs close and asks for some pats, one can assume that’s been weeks or months since they last saw each other. Not really. Charlie's dad was just away for hours due to work, but never underestimate a dog's capacity for missing somebody!"Charlie's favorite time of the day is when his dad comes home from work!" the filmer, Genna Davis shared with WooGlobe. Check the video here!Image credit: Genna Davis#dogs #pets 
Man Rides The Train With A Puppy In His BackpackLook, we love adorable puppy videos as much as the next person does. This one though? This one we really love! It’s always a joy to see how a pet and its human parent adjust and do their best to be comfortable during a trip. It sparks more enjoyment and serotonin if we see the animals look so comfortable and happy.A video posted on an Instagram page called Pet Town gained a lot of attention because it shows a puppy sitting inside a backpack while riding a train with its human. It certainly induced a lot of cooing from the general Internet user base. The page captioned the footage with “pure love,” as the puppy can be seen enjoying a nap inside the bag of the commuter, who was also sleeping. Check the video here for an instant happiness boost to your day!Image credit: Pet Town/Instagram #pets #dogs #puppies #train #commuting #adorable
Couple Adopts One Dog, Gets More Buy one get five was the real deal, apparently!Sydney Victoria only wanted to adopt one dog. It took time for her to convince her boyfriend, but eventually, she was able to bring home the pupper of her dreams. To commemorate the journey she took in getting a pet, she posted a video of it on TikTok. Now, this particular post went viral for two reasons: the adorable story between Victoria and her new companion, and the shocking plot twist that we didn’t see coming. With over 1.2 million views, Internet users were surprised to see the cute and cuddly dog ended up giving birth to five puppies. Thankfully, they ended up keeping all puppies. But we did find it hilarious that the couple did not know that their new dog was pregnant until she gave birth. Victoria ended up wanting only one and ended up giving a home to six new puppies. It’s quite a nice end to a story!Image credit:  TikTok/@accidentalgrandma#puppies #dog #pregnancy #animals #adoption #pets 
Lost California Cat Turns Up 9 Years Later in IdahoLosing a beloved pet is a devastating experience. And that's precisely what Susan Moore, a woman from California, felt when her cat Harriet disappeared nine years ago. Moore searched every nook and cranny for the feline and even contacted shelters and lost pet sites. Unfortunately, there was no sign of Harriet. Her husband thought that the cat was killed by a coyote.Fast forward to today, over nine years later, when Moore received a surprising phone call."We found your cat," the caller informed Moore."My cat?" a puzzled Moore replied."We found Harriet," the caller clarified."Excuse me? What cat are you talking about?""We found your cat. I'm calling from Hayden. I have your cat."However, Moore replied that she was not familiar with Hayden, California."That's because we're in Idaho," the caller explained.It would take a few more minutes of explanation before everything became clear to Moore. Apparently, the cat was found by a passerby and brought to the Companions Animal Center (formerly Kootenai Humane Society), where it would be scanned for a microchip. The microchip then gave Moore's contact number. But how would a cat from California suddenly turn up in Idaho? No one knows.Moore theorizes that the cat probably hopped on her husband's horse trailer and off when the trailer reached the rodeo.While Moore thinks Harriet probably no longer remembers her, she still will welcome her back to her ranch.(Image Credit: Companions Animal Center)#Pets #MissingPets #Idaho #California
Millennials Love Their Dogs More Than Their Siblings, Partners, or Even Their Moms!From being just a "man's best friend", dogs (and other pets) have been promoted to being "loved more than anyone else."​A recent study, with a thousand participants who are pet owners, re vealed that most of these people love their pets more than the important people in their lives. Around 57% of the participants that are aged 27 to 42 love their pets more than their siblings. A little below the same figure disclosed that they feel the same towards their moms. Around 30% of the participants revealed that they love their pets more than their romantic partners. This "love for pets over love for humans” may be one of the reasons why previous studies show that millennials are less likely to build their own homes and families.​Image credit: Getty Images#Dog #Pets #Love #Millennials #Relationships​
Watch How this Man Lovingly Wakes up His Deaf and Blind Dog in the MorningIt's already difficult enough to take care of a dog. It's even more difficult when the dog you're taking care of has special needs. Still, Aiden Mann, a veterinary assistant, took up the challenge of taking care of a dog with special needs when he decided to adopt Plum, a deaf and partially blind miniature Australian shepherd.One of the first challenges Mann faced when he adopted Plum was how to wake up the canine, and he tried several methods. Mann tried gently petting Plum to wake her up, but this only startled her. Mann also tried something less intrusive by placing a treat under Plum's nose, but this also was not effective.Finally, Mann discovered the best method to waking up his blind and deaf pup — by gently blowing on her nose.Mann posted a video of him waking up Plum on TikTok, which became viral after a few days.Throughout his time taking care of Plum, Mann has learned to communicate with the dog.(Image Credit: Aiden Mann/ TikTok)#Dog #Pets #Viral #Cute #Wholesome
Family Built a Special Custom Aquarium to Let Their Cat Get Closer to His Fish BuddiesThe quote "Fish are friends, not food" from the movie Finding Nemo seems to apply perfectly to this family. Theybuilt a special custom aquarium to let their cat get closer to his fish buddies. ​The aquarium looks like a pretty normal one, except for one unique detail. The glass underneath is custom-made in a way that their cat is almost able to reach inside the tank. From the other videos uploaded, the two family cats take turns in peeking through the glass. The video shows how they really enjoy the company of the fishes. Stories like this show that animals can share their love for each other despite their differences.​Image credit: @jasperthecatfish on TikTok#fish #cat #TikTok #pets #animals #aquarium
Pico the Angry Stompy Bird Hates Paper Towel RollsIf given the opportunity and permission, I too, would happily stomp my disapproval of a certain person or item– mostly a person. Imagine their surprise! All jokes aside, this particular bird knows how to properly communicate its displeasure toward its owner.In a viral TikTok video, Pico, a bird, can be seen stomping away because of something that was near him. The clip shows the bird adorably showing its disapproval around a kitchen counter until we get the big reveal– this little bird does not like paper towel rolls at all. #caique #parrot #bird #TikTok #viral #video #pets
This Wild Baby Fox Decided to Live in Woman’s Yard Humans normally choose their pets. But for Emma Thompson, it’s the other way around, and you’ll never guess which animal it was.                Like many of us, Thompson has transitioned to a work-from-home setup because of the COVID-19 pandemic. One day as she was busy working alone in her office, Thompson suddenly felt that there was someone else with her. “Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something orange and moving right by my leg — at the same time, she saw me and raced out the door,” she said. It was a baby fox. Thompson named her Foxy and this little creature eventually decided to live in the nice lady’s yard. They’ve grown to be a lot more comfortable with each other ever since, and Foxy has even brought over her sister to the yard.  But Thompson has never patted Foxy nor her sister, and she tries to keep her distance. She knows that as wild animals, Foxy and her sister can’t be too dependent on humans.Images: Emma Thompson#fox #wildlife #workfromhome #pets
Pet Goose Loves and Hugs His Owner but Attacks Everyone ElseWho says dogs are the only animals that adore and protect their humans?Let me present you to Wally the Goose! Wally is regarded as a happy and delightful goose by his owner, but not by all. Because he was raised as a chick by Mat Temmerman's brother, Wally is especially protective of his human. Are you surprised to learn that a goose can be kept as a pet? Well, geese can be a wonderful pets or companions, but they can also be hostile. Geese, like dogs, can be trained, are extremely intelligent, create close ties with their owners, and can be violent in specific conditions.Video by: Mat Temmerman#Goose #Pets #Protective
The Pet Structure For Long Bodied, Short Legged Dogs Tokyo-based firm Atelier Bow-Wow has created a special pet structure for the long bodied, short-legged dogs. True enough, these kinds of dogs have difficulty in getting up on chairs and other areas to cuddle with their human companion.The firm’s unique pet area features a folded slope where both human and pet can lie down together with ease. In addition to a slope, the Atelier also included a small burrow-like area where pets can dig around and have fun! The unique structure are stackable with each other, and owners can form different  shapes with multiple pieces of the structure. Check the video below for more details on Atelier Bow-Wow’s creation! Image credit: Hiroshi YODA #AtelierBowWow #ForPets #Pets #Daschunds #Architecture #Dog #furniture #dogfurniture