Stray Dog Goes to Veterinary Clinic to Give Birth

A couple of weeks ago, security cameras caught a stray dog coming up the stairs to the doors of Veterinária Campo Grande, an animal clinic in Cariacica, Brazil. She was there for some time before veterinarian João Áureo Rodrigues de Oliveira saw her. He noticed she was not only pregnant, but in labor! He brought the dog inside and she produced six healthy puppies.

It only makes sense that a pregnant dog would reach out to a veterinary clinic, but there's no evidence that the dog, now named Amiga, can read the sign. Maybe she got some advice. The clinic staff says there was another dog, a male, outside waiting the whole time that Amiga was giving birth. They didn't say whether he was pacing back and forth, and no one saw him try to buy cigars, but the staff assumes he is the father of the puppies.

Mother and puppies are doing fine, and are up for adoption. Read more and see plenty of pictures at Bored Panda.

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