Dog Crashes WeddingDouglas Robert and Tamíris Muzini of Brazil walked down the aisle of the church to get married. It was a grand affair with a large guest list. That list grew by one when a stray dog wandered into the church, sniffed around, and then lay down for a nap in the aisle.He didn’t seem to mind that the humans around him were busy. He had his own role to play in the event, too. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the couple paraded back down the aisle to exit the church and the dog jumped up to congratulate them. Watch the scene on video at The Dodo.-via Ace of Spades HQ​#dog #weddings #Brazil
How Capybaras Cross the StreetOur kindergarten teachers taught us to look both ways, stay together, and don't run when you cross a street. As you can see, these capybaras in Cuiabá, Brazil, remember that lesson. This is quite the opposite of what kangaroos do, which I've heard is to look both ways and then leap into the street regardless of whether a car is coming or not. Capybaras need to cross city streets often, so the city of Juína, Brazil, installed a special crossing lane for them, since they tend to ignore zebra crossings. You see, they know they are not zebras.
World's Worst Guard Dog Just Lies Down During RaidI’m borrowing the headline from Metro, a British tabloid reporting about this news story from Hortolandia, Sao Paulo state, Brazil. Police officers raided a marijuana operation, seizing 1.2 tons of pot.Video recorded by police at the scene of the raid shows three suspects lying handcuffed on the floor of the ranch house. Their huge Rottweiler, a dog breed popularly known for its aggression, lies down next to them. Because of their reputation, Rottweilers are often used as guard dogs, but this pup showed no aggression to police at all.That’s why I don’t think of this Rott as the worst guard dog—just the smartest. He’s not dying to save any of these suspected drug dealers. And if he’s really smart, he’ll offer to turn on his human companions to get a good plea deal.-via Dave Barry​#dog #guarddog #Brazil #Rottweiler
Stray Dog Goes to Veterinary Clinic to Give BirthA couple of weeks ago, security cameras caught a stray dog coming up the stairs to the doors of Veterinária Campo Grande, an animal clinic in Cariacica, Brazil. She was there for some time before veterinarian João Áureo Rodrigues de Oliveira saw her. He noticed she was not only pregnant, but in labor! He brought the dog inside and she produced six healthy puppies.