Man Rides The Train With A Puppy In His BackpackLook, we love adorable puppy videos as much as the next person does. This one though? This one we really love! It’s always a joy to see how a pet and its human parent adjust and do their best to be comfortable during a trip. It sparks more enjoyment and serotonin if we see the animals look so comfortable and happy.A video posted on an Instagram page called Pet Town gained a lot of attention because it shows a puppy sitting inside a backpack while riding a train with its human. It certainly induced a lot of cooing from the general Internet user base. The page captioned the footage with “pure love,” as the puppy can be seen enjoying a nap inside the bag of the commuter, who was also sleeping. Check the video here for an instant happiness boost to your day!Image credit: Pet Town/Instagram #pets #dogs #puppies #train #commuting #adorable
Couple Adopts One Dog, Gets More Buy one get five was the real deal, apparently!Sydney Victoria only wanted to adopt one dog. It took time for her to convince her boyfriend, but eventually, she was able to bring home the pupper of her dreams. To commemorate the journey she took in getting a pet, she posted a video of it on TikTok. Now, this particular post went viral for two reasons: the adorable story between Victoria and her new companion, and the shocking plot twist that we didn’t see coming. With over 1.2 million views, Internet users were surprised to see the cute and cuddly dog ended up giving birth to five puppies. Thankfully, they ended up keeping all puppies. But we did find it hilarious that the couple did not know that their new dog was pregnant until she gave birth. Victoria ended up wanting only one and ended up giving a home to six new puppies. It’s quite a nice end to a story!Image credit:  TikTok/@accidentalgrandma#puppies #dog #pregnancy #animals #adoption #pets 
Stray Dog Goes to Veterinary Clinic to Give BirthA couple of weeks ago, security cameras caught a stray dog coming up the stairs to the doors of Veterinária Campo Grande, an animal clinic in Cariacica, Brazil. She was there for some time before veterinarian João Áureo Rodrigues de Oliveira saw her. He noticed she was not only pregnant, but in labor! He brought the dog inside and she produced six healthy puppies.
Here at Last: UGG Boots for DogsIn 1978 an Australian surfer on the coast of California founded UGG, a global lifestyle brand known for its iconic Classic Boot. UGG is now teaming up with Very Important Puppies (V.I.P.) which was founded by two sisters; Sabrina Albarello and Katerina Karelas who elevated clothing and accessories for dogs.The two companies; UGG and VIP, collaborate to launch the first ever dog booties inspired by the UGG Classic Boot. The collection fuses the neutrals of the iconic Classic Boot with V.I.P.’s pop colors, making for sartorially functional pup footwear.The four-legged footwear is made up of rich faux suede, fluffy faux fur for trim accents with the signature overstitch seams. The boots provide an easy entry front opening and an adjustable wrap around hook and loop strap for a snug fit, finished with a durable rubber outsole built for any weather.“Ugg was the best partner to bring our vision to life for this new fashion focused dog product that didn’t exist in the market,”said Sabrina Albarello, co-founder of Very Important PuppiesThe collection will be available by December 22 and pre orders can be made exclusively at Very Important Puppies.#UGGBoots #Puppies #Dogs #VIP #DogBoots #PuppyBoots #DogApparelImage Credit: Very Important Puppies