Pets on Diets: Before and After Pics of Chonks Dechonkified

Kai was 173 pounds when he was dropped off at a clinic to be euthanized due to health problems brought on by his weight. Instead, he was adopted by a foster dog mom and put on a diet. Kai lost over 100 pounds and is now a healthy, active dog! Click to the right on the image above to see videos of before and after his weight loss. See more of Kai at Instagram

Some pet owners consider giving food to their dogs and cats an expression of love. They enjoy spoiling their pets. What they don't realize is that animals are wired to eat whatever is available, because in a natural world, they would have to put out a lot of effort just getting enough. The result of overfeeding can be deadly, as a pet packs on pounds that interfere with their activities and can result in diabetes, heart problems, and organ failure. The subreddit dechonkers follows the diets and progress of obese pets that are making their way back to a healthy lifestyle. And it's not just dogs. Below you'll see two pictures of a cat named Skinny.

(Image credit: I-ate-your-pony

The perversely-named Skinny has lost more than 10 pounds and is now living up to his name!

Bored Panda posted before-and-after pictures of 30 former chonks that display amazing progress in their quest to get healthy. But let's be honest, the quest is the work of the pets' owners. They are usually different people from the owners they had when they got so big.

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