When a Cheetah Steals Your JacketWildlife filmmaker Gordon Buchanan has been following a litter of three cheetahs in the Kalahari desert almost since their birth. He never approached them, but they were always aware of his presence. Now that they are large juveniles, their curiosity has overcome their suspicion and they want to check out Buchanan's possessions. As human children just appropriate your stuff to play with, so do the cheetahs. Buchanan, as an experiencedwildlife documentarian, doesn't want to interfere with the cheetahs' nature by interacting with them, but he wants his jacket back! Enjoy this amusing clip from the BBC series Cheetah Family and Me. What I find fascinating is that the cheetahs look fully grown, but their faces still retain that big-eyed cuteness that makes you want to hug kittens and other babies. #cheetah #wildlife 
Library BatA children's book entitled, "Bats at the Library" by Brian Lies came true to life when a real bat actually took a nap in the non-fiction section of Camas Public Library in Washington State. The animal control was able to safely rescue the little bat. The tiny creature was released back into the wild at the Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife Refuge.The Facebook post about this reached about 2 thousand reactions, 460 comments, and 3 thousand shares. The netizens shared their own library-bat-experiences in the comments section and showed their appreciation for the library for treating the bat with respect and gentleness. So, are you more of a library bat or a bookworm?Image credit: Camas Public Library#Bat #CamasPublicLibrary #Library #Wildlife
Can You Spot the Copperhead Snake?I spy with my little eye: a copperhead snake that looks like a leaf that is dry.Frederick Wallace posted this picture on Facebook that looks like ground with a lot of dried leaves, fallen twigs, and a few sprigs of green plants. He captioned, "This is why you have to watch every step in the woods #Copperhead." In this picture, there is actually a camouflaged copperhead snake. The post earned about 18 thousand reactions, 10 thousand comments, and 55 thousand shares. Some people have noticed the snake while some have not. It is actually located at.......... just kidding! Go find it for yourself! ​Tip: Zoom in on the image when you finally give up.​Image credit: Frederick Wallace​#CopperheadSnake #Photography #Wildlife​
Look at the Moment a Bald Eagle Egg Hatched​A pair of bald eagles named, "Mr. President" and "Lotus" had a happy surprise as one of their baby eaglets has hatched.This happy news unfortunately comes on the heels of a tragedy for this bird family. The other chick in their nest died while hatching. The healthy baby eaglet, called DC9, weighed about 3.5-4.0 oz. It is interesting to note that baby eaglets usually grow about 3.5 oz daily during their first week after hatching. This cute little eaglet will surely grow healthy and strong, as its parents happily feed it with fish. Baby Eaglet DC9 has become a bit of a celebrity. Due to this great news about DC9’s hatching, a nightclub in Northwest Washington, D.C., called DC9, decided to offer a discount  Also, as the eaglet has been learning to tweet, the social media post about DC9 has also started to trend, and DC9’s Twitter account has gained likes and retweets. Tweet tweet! (Pun intended) ​Image credit: @naeaglecam on Twitter#Bird #Eagle #Animals #Wildlife
Snake on a Couch: Homeowner Found a 7-Foot Snake Behind his Sofa's CushionRemember the iconic movie entitled Snakes on a Plane? It gave me similar chills when I was reading about a 7-foot snake found on a man's couch.A Chula Vista, California homeowner called a snake removal company to get help with the removal of a giant 7-foot Vietnamese blue beauty rat snake. The snake had entered his house and was stuck behind the cushion of his couch. According to the reptile removal company, this type of snake is so rare that a person has more chances of finding a Rolex on the ground than seeing this reptile. At the time of removal, the snake's owner was still unknown. The snake was taken into the care of a person who handles exotic animals and was treated for a respiratory infection.Video credit: ABC 10 News​#Snake #Reptile #Animal #Wildlife #Couch​
Orphaned Mountain Lion Cub Found StarvingHikers in the Thornewood Open Space Preserve in San Mateo, California, reported seeing a small mountain lion all alone. Officials from the MidPeninsula Open Space District and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife spent five days trying to find the cat, and finally were able to spot and capture the cub now named Rose. They took her to the Oakland Zoo, which has a wildlife rescue and rehab department. Rose was estimated to be four to five months old, and weighed only 8.8 pounds. A cub that age should weigh about 30 pounds! Mountain lion cubs normally stay with their mothers for two years, so it was obvious that Rose was an orphan. She was dehydrated, riddled with fleas and ticks, and had a low red blood cell count. The cub was given IV fluids and cat formula by bottle, and has even eaten some meat. Zoo veterinarians are guardedly optimistic about her chances for recovery. Read more about Rose at ZooBorns.#mountainlion #cougar #orphan #wildlife #rescue #puma #Rose
World's Largest Wild Animal Crossing to be Built in Los Angeles, CaliforniaMore big cats, coyotes, deer, lizards, snakes, and other creatures can safely roam in the Santa Monica Mountains of Los Angeles, thanks to the world’s largest wild animal crossing that is slated to be completed by early 2025.This bridge over a major Southern California highway will provide better access to food and potential mates to animals hemmed in by urban sprawl.
National Park Service Photographer Found the Arnold Schwarzenegger of MooseCheck out this absolute unit! Last January 28th, J. Mills, a National Park Service photographer, captured this image of a moose standing in water at Lake Clark National Park & Preserve in Alaska.The unnamed moose stood at 6'4 (1.93 m) and weighed approximately 1500 lbs (680 kg). The photo, reposted by the National Park Service, attracted 100,000 likes and 600 comments.The staff behind the account added the following fun facts: "Likes: long walks through the woods, tasty leaves, bark, and twigs. Dislikes: bears, moose puns, leg day."Ironically, one of the most liked comments was packed full of moose puns: "Love to see national park service making this guy fa-moose with this very amoosing description, although I hope disliking moose puns is a moose-take, or I’m going to be in for a very bad day."
Gray Squirrels in Maine Seem to be Sporting a Few Extra Holiday Ounces This YearSquirrels in southern Maine are sofluffy and fat for the winter that they are now terrorizing the neighborhood dogs. These grey squirrels are described as “chonky, chunky, big-boned and rotund” because of their roundness and big size compared to an average-sized squirrel. Beth Ditkoff, the house owner where squirrels usually visit, said that there were a lot of squirrels scampering around before, but they don't scamper anymore - they're now lumbering, waddling or plodding to the bird feeders. Some squirrels have figured out how to unlatch the feeders to get access to the seeds, whereas others simply stick their heads into the feeders to eat, then take a brief nap, and then wake up to eat again.A neighbor reported that a fat squirrel has developed the habit of knocking on her glass door to remind her that the bird feeder is empty!Furbearer biologist Shevenell Webb reported that foods for squirrels were plentiful in the summer. This could be the reason why the people are seeing such large animals or “Squirrelzillas” this year as compared to past years.Squirrels are not true hibernators. They just stay up in their nests during the winter with the food they stocked up the whole year.Jennifer Clements, a registered nurse in a care facility, said that, “Planting native plants on your property, like oak trees, is a great way to enjoy and keep our wildlife healthy in the long run.”Image Credit: Beth Ditkoff/BDN#squirrel #squirrelzilla #wildlife #autumn #Maine
Gus the Goat Ran Away, But was Later Lured Back Home with The Promise of French FriesA mischievous goat by the name of Gus, who hails from the city of Portland, was said to have run away and ended up being found on the roof of a home in the neighborhood of Bethany.The homeowner reported to the KATU Staff that they had initially seen two goats casually roaming around the neighborhood one Sunday. These incidents of seeing animals are said to be pretty common in the area. They would often see signs of wildlife like deer and coyotes. This, however, was the first time they had seen goats.The Washington County Sheriff’s Office said that, “Deputies were called out to help when Gus started ‘doing his best Rudolph the Reindeer impression.’”It was eventually reported that the goat was safely lured back down to the ground with some french fries.Image Credit: KATU News#goat #roof #wildlife
Lion Walks Out of a Public RestroomIn these modern times, a public restroom should be available for use, especially when there are restaurants and shops nearby. The history of public toilets is pretty interesting. During ancient Rome, public restrooms were exclusive to men. Women used to hold it in or restrict themselves from taking fluids until the Victorian era. Nowadays, restrooms are not exclusive to humans. Animals can use them too. @WildLense_India shared on Twitter a video of a lion walking out of a public loo. A commentator said that the lion seems to be a regular visitor.We live in changing times. Animals need their privacy too. Image: @WildLense_India via Twitter#Wildlife #Lion #Restrooms
This Wild Baby Fox Decided to Live in Woman’s Yard Humans normally choose their pets. But for Emma Thompson, it’s the other way around, and you’ll never guess which animal it was.                Like many of us, Thompson has transitioned to a work-from-home setup because of the COVID-19 pandemic. One day as she was busy working alone in her office, Thompson suddenly felt that there was someone else with her. “Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something orange and moving right by my leg — at the same time, she saw me and raced out the door,” she said. It was a baby fox. Thompson named her Foxy and this little creature eventually decided to live in the nice lady’s yard. They’ve grown to be a lot more comfortable with each other ever since, and Foxy has even brought over her sister to the yard.  But Thompson has never patted Foxy nor her sister, and she tries to keep her distance. She knows that as wild animals, Foxy and her sister can’t be too dependent on humans.Images: Emma Thompson#fox #wildlife #workfromhome #pets
Wildlife Photographer Spots Tiny Garden Frogs Using Flowers For An UmbrellaIndonesian wildlife photographer Ajar Setiadi has taken delight in observing the tiny frogs that live in his own garden. He has been documenting the interesting and fascinating moments that these intriguing little creatures provide. He’s grown fond of them and even considers them as his own pets. “For me, it’s a miracle that I can capture them,” says the photographer. “That’s an amazing moment, actually.”Setiadi has always known that these amphibians love his flowers and he even lets the little green creatures play around with them. But one rainy day, he noticed these frogs using them as umbrellas and he just had to take some shots. To his (and our) greater amusement, he even managed to capture two of them sharing a single flower as if they were a couple or a pair of buddies looking after each other. It was such a rare and precious moment among creatures that we have never thought of as social beings.Besides the frogs in his garden, Setiadi also likes to observe other creatures that live in his hometown of Bogor. See more of his close-up snapshots on his Instagram account right here.Images: Ajar Setiadi (@ajarsetiadi)#frogs #amphibians #photography #wildlife #flower #umbrella