Gus the Goat Ran Away, But was Later Lured Back Home with The Promise of French Fries

A mischievous goat by the name of Gus, who hails from the city of Portland, was said to have run away and ended up being found on the roof of a home in the neighborhood of Bethany.

The homeowner reported to the KATU Staff that they had initially seen two goats casually roaming around the neighborhood one Sunday. These incidents of seeing animals are said to be pretty common in the area. They would often see signs of wildlife like deer and coyotes. This, however, was the first time they had seen goats.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office said that, “Deputies were called out to help when Gus started ‘doing his best Rudolph the Reindeer impression.’” 

It was eventually reported that the goat was safely lured back down to the ground with some french fries.

Image Credit: KATU News

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