Look at the Moment a Bald Eagle Egg Hatched

A pair of bald eagles named, "Mr. President" and "Lotus" had a happy surprise as one of their baby eaglets has hatched. This happy news unfortunately comes on the heels of a tragedy for this bird family. The other chick in their nest died while hatching. 

The healthy baby eaglet, called DC9, weighed about 3.5-4.0 oz. It is interesting to note that baby eaglets usually grow about 3.5 oz daily during their first week after hatching. This cute little eaglet will surely grow healthy and strong, as its parents happily feed it with fish. 

Baby Eaglet DC9 has become a bit of a celebrity. Due to this great news about DC9’s hatching, a nightclub in Northwest Washington, D.C., called DC9, decided to offer a discount  

Also, as the eaglet has been learning to tweet, the social media post about DC9 has also started to trend, and DC9’s Twitter account has gained likes and retweets. Tweet tweet! (Pun intended) 

​Image credit: @naeaglecam on Twitter

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