Family Adopted a Husky Puppy that Turned Out to be a Wild Fox

Maribel Sotelo of Comas, Peru, tells of how her son bought a puppy that was supposed to be a husky. They named the pup Run Run and treated him like any dog. They noticed he had an injury and nursed him back to health. It was only three months later that Run Run started acting a little wild.

Neighbors started noticing that anytime Run Run was around, their chickens and guinea pigs tended to go missing.  They demanded that Sotelo pay for the missing livestock. She was at her wit's end and called the Forest and Wildlife Service for advice. They identified Run Run as an Andean Fox! They took the pup into custody and he will be released into the wild. You can see a news report on Run Run (in Spanish) at Oddity Central.

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