How Capybaras Cross the Street

Our kindergarten teachers taught us to look both ways, stay together, and don't run when you cross a street. As you can see, these capybaras in Cuiabá, Brazil, remember that lesson. This is quite the opposite of what kangaroos do, which I've heard is to look both ways and then leap into the street regardless of whether a car is coming or not. Capybaras need to cross city streets often, so the city of Juína, Brazil, installed a special crossing lane for them, since they tend to ignore zebra crossings. You see, they know they are not zebras.

If you don't understand Portuguese, you can turn on an automatic subtitle translation. The video tells us that capybaras actually use the crossing designed for them! Here's another example of how they group up to cross a street.

Now if only we could get human children to be so calm and obedient. -via Boing Boing 

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