This Staffordshire Bull Terrier and a Magpie are Best Friends

Juliette Wells and Reece Mortensen are a Gold Coast-based Australian couple. While at a dog park with their easygoing English Staffordshire bull terrier named Peggy, they rescued a newborn Australian magpie who was all alone on the ground encrusted in burs, grass, and twigs.

They noticed that the magpie was just a few weeks old and that the flock parents were completely ignoring her. Molly was the name given to her by the couple when they were able to bring her home to heal.

Peggy was initially afraid of Molly, according to Wells, because of a previous incident in which she was attacked by magpies. However, as time passed, the two grew to like each other and would lie beside each other and snuggle. Peggy has also saved Molly thanks to her fictitious pregnancy, as said by Wells. "It is very remarkable. Peggy's vets confirmed this and said it's normal when an animal is caring for anything ". According to Wells, "To assist in keeping this fledgling bird alive, Peggy provided milk." This, along with other delicacies typical of a wild bird's diet, kept the rescued magpie alive. Later, Peggy's veterinary team performed a surgery to assist her in ceasing to lactate.

 Since then, the two have become inseparable and consider one another as family. 

Images by: Juliette Wells

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