Pied Piper Duck Show is a Duck Fashion Show in AustraliaDog shows or cat shows are a dime a dozen, but here Down Under, they do it differently.For more than 30 years, Sydney’s Royal Easter Show has been holding an annual duck show where ducks get dressed to the nines and go on a parade. Throughout the day, the ducks each receive three outfits : one for the day, one for the evening, and one for a wedding. The level of creativity with these ducks’ fashion seems to level up with each passing year, making it a long-awaited yearly event.According to the website Sad and Useless, the duck show is initiated by a farmer named Brian Harrington. Here’s to hoping that his idea crosses the pond to the United States!#duck #fashionshow #PiedPiperShow #SydneyRoyalEasterShow #Australia
Songs of Disappearance: An Album of Calls from Endangered Australian Birds Top the Music ChartIn December 2021 in Australia, Adele's album topped the charts for the majority of the month, followed by Ed Sheeran. The next contender, however, was a group of unheard of artists, and their album was a delightful surprise.Songs of Disappearance, produced by Charles Darwin University Ph.D. candidate Anthony Albrecht, is an album of calls from endangered Australian birds. The album charted at number 3 on Australia's top 50 albums chart, ahead of Taylor Swift, ABBA, Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé. Proceeds from album sales are donated to conservation organization BirdLife Australia."Things like the golden bowerbird — it sounds like a death ray from some cheesy '70s sci-fi series," said Sean Dooley of BirdLife Australia to NPR. "And then you get to the Christmas Island frigatebird, which the male, it has a flap of skin under its chin that it inflates like a giant red balloon. And so when it's doing these courtship sounds, it looks incredible as well as sounds bizarre."Despite the brief charting period, the university and BirdLife Australia hope that the impressions left will encourage the government and the community to take real actions towards conserving these endangered birds.#birdsong #bird #Australia
Teen Lifeguard Saves a Drowning Kangaroo at an Australian BeachThis Australian teen's first rescue as a lifeguard was a highly unusual one—a kangaroo struggling to paddle back to shore.Kangaroos are generally great swimmers, but when 17-year-old Lillian Bee Young spotted one at Iluka Beach in NSW, Australia, the kangaroo had been caught in rough surf. According to Young, she had been sitting on a tractor with her colleague when the kangaroo jumped off the rocks and into the water. It was trying to avoid nearby fishermen.Young acted quickly. With her rescue board, she braved the strong wind and choppy waters to rescue the kangaroo. She paddled behind the kangaroo and guided it to safety. Back at the shore, a cheering crowd celebrated her valor.#kangaroo #lifeguard #beach #Australia
Coconut Crab Tries to Steal a Golf Club and Ended Up Chopping It in Half with Its ClawsA group of golfers on Christmas Island witnessed a criminal mastermind trying to steal a golf club.This large coconut club was caught on camera as it climbed the golf club bag and took hold of a golf club. Paul Buhner, the owner of the video, said that there was old food inside the bag and that might have attracted the crab.Buhner and his friends tried to get the crab off one particular golf club but instead, the crab chopped it with its claws. After a few moments, the crab left the broken club behind and went off with the club cover.#crab #coconutcrab #golf #Australia
Ever Heard of a Bettong? They are "Ecosystem Engineers"A bettong may resemble a rodent, but they are one of the many marsupials that call Australia home. While it can be hard for an outsider to identify a bettong among the dunnarts, pygmy possums, bilbys, stick-nest rats, woylies, brown antechinus, honey possums, red-tailed phascogales, numbats, quolls, bandicoots, bush rats, nailtailed wallabies, and other Aussie critters, they have a unique niche. Bettongs are fungivores, and eat mainly truffles. They are important for controlling and dispersing truffles and related species through the Australian forests. The species called the northern bettong is critically endangered. There are only two known colonies of northern bettong, and one of them has only about 50 individuals left (the other has between 700 and 1000). The smaller colony appears to be reproducing at a much lower level than normal. Northern bettongs are suffering from several environmental stresses: competition from pigs that also eat truffles, predation by feral cats, invasive weeds, and of course wildfires. Read about the plight of the northern bettong at Atlas Obscura.#bettong #Australia #endangered  
This Staffordshire Bull Terrier and a Magpie are Best FriendsJuliette Wells and Reece Mortensen are a Gold Coast-based Australian couple. While at a dog park with their easygoing English Staffordshire bull terrier named Peggy, they rescued a newborn Australian magpie who was all alone on the ground encrusted in burs, grass, and twigs.They noticed that the magpie was just a few weeks old and that the flock parents were completely ignoring her. Molly was the name given to her by the couple when they were able to bring her home to heal.Peggy was initially afraid of Molly, according to Wells, because of a previous incident in which she was attacked by magpies. However, as time passed, the two grew to like each other and would lie beside each other and snuggle. Peggy has also saved Molly thanks to her fictitious pregnancy, as said by Wells. "It is very remarkable. Peggy's vets confirmed this and said it's normal when an animal is caring for anything ". According to Wells, "To assist in keeping this fledgling bird alive, Peggy provided milk." This, along with other delicacies typical of a wild bird's diet, kept the rescued magpie alive. Later, Peggy's veterinary team performed a surgery to assist her in ceasing to lactate.Since then, the two have become inseparable and consider one another as family. Images by: Juliette Wells#bestfriends #Magpie #BullTerrier #Australia #interspeciesfriendship
How Baby Koalas are WeighedHow do you weigh a baby koala? With this simple yet clever fake branch tool that lets it hold on and keep still while being weighed on a digital scale.Take a look at this cute baby koala (joey) being weighed at the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park in South Australia. The wildlife park regularly weighs its baby koalas to make sure that they are healthy and growing.By the way, koala joeys only weigh about one gram (0.035 oz) at birth and grow up to 10 times their birth size within 3 months.#koala #babykoala #joey #weight #KangarooIslandWildlifePark #Australia