Texas Cat Really Likes Cheese

ā€‹Sarah is fostering a cat named Ponderosa. This former stray needs a family who can handle his oversized purrsonality. Ponderosa is obsessed with cheese, and will go to any lengths necessary to claim any morsel of cheese as his own. He'll fight for other treats as well, but not quite as fiercely as cheese. Despite Ponderosa's obsession with food, he isn't a bit overweight, because he's really active. Sarah says he has the metabolism of a teenage boy who plays football. No wonder he's hungry! If you would find a cat like Ponderosa delightful, and you live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, he is available for adoption through the organization Dallas Cat Lady. ā€‹

Let's see that cat one more time.

You can follow Ponderosa's progress at Sarah's Instagram page or at TikTok

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