Mother Cat Births Kitten Then Adopts Kitten

A Youtuber who goes by Cat give birth started a channel to post videos of their purebred British Golden Chinchilla cats when the female cat, Kira, gave birth to her first litter. Well, the cat didn't produce a litter, just one kitten. But soon things took a turn. The human of the family saw a local notice that an orphan kitten needed a nursing mother. This kitten was still so young its eyes weren't yet open. Our Youtuber volunteered to foster the kitten. Would Kira help out? As you can see in the video above, she heard the kitten's cries, investigated, and looked around for the kitten's mother. Then after thinking about it for a hot minute, claimed the kitten as her own. After all, it needed her! Watch the further interactions of Kira, kitten, and the new brother.

Eventually, Kira introduces the new kitten to the daddy of the family, who is utterly devoted to Kira. He is a bit surprised to suddenly see two kittens. Cats' facial expressions are pretty inscrutable, but he seems to have taken all this in stride.

If you still want to see more of Kira and her family, check out the rest of the YouTube channel.ā€‹

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