How to Photograph a Black Cat or Dog

Animal welfare groups will tell you that black cats are always the last to be adopted. It's not because they are a symbol of bad luck, although that may have been a factor in the past. Those in the know will tell you that it's because of the photographs. Black fur often makes a photograph look like just a dark blob. Worst of all, the cat's sweet expression can't be seen in pictures. The same goes for all-black dogs.

These pets (and potential pets) deserve to be seen in their best light. And that's meant literally, because good lighting is crucial for taking a picture of a black cat or dog. Natalia Martinez and her husband are professional pet photographers, and they have two black dogs and a black cat. She gives us some important tips for taking a portrait, or a cute Halloween photoshoot, of your black dog or cat and making them stand out as they should! -via Mental Floss 

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