Heartbroken Mother Dog Adopts Kittens

ā€‹Sunshine Dog Rescue in Phoenix picked up a pregnant stray dog that was living at a gas station in Arizona. Milo gave birth to a litter, but the puppies were premature and all died. She was quite heartbroken, until Anita Osa, director of the organization, arranged for three kittens to give her comfort. Milo took right to the kittens, sweeping away her toys to make room for them.

You might be a bit confused that the dog was named Georgia and then Milo. That happens when pets are in rescue shelters; the shelter assigns a name and then the adoptive family changes it. She is now Milo, and is thriving in her permanent home, but her shelter name made it into a book written about her.

The children's book Breaking News: Rescue Dog Adopts Kittens is available for sale, and proceeds go to help support Sunshine Dog Rescue.

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