Goat Born with Record-Breaking Long EarsDo your ears hang low? Do they wobble to and fro? Why, yes. Yes they do. Nubian goats are known for their long floppy ears, but this little Nubian goat was born in Karachi, Pakistan, with ears that are 48 centimeters long. That's about 19 inches! The kid's owner, Muhammad Hassan Narejo, missed a golden opportunity when he named the goat Simba instead of Dumbo. Narejo said Simba was born on June 5th, and he will be reaching out to the Guinness Book of World Records about the long ears. We are hoping that he normally uses a cloth to tie the ears together on Simba's back, because he looks dangerously close to stepping on them in this video. He's just a baby, ten days old when this video was taken; only time will tell whether his legs will outgrow his ears or whether he'll learn to fly with them. -via Boing Boing​#goat #ears
Barn Cats Hard at Work​Sunflower Farm Creamery in Maine keeps Nigerian dwarf goats for their milk and they make cheese, yogurt, and candy to sell along with the everyday dairy products. Another of their products is a never-ending supply of cute goat videos. Along with goats, dogs, and other livestock, they have three cats on duty at the farm: Virginia, Roger, and Phil. These barn cats were recruited for pest control, but they serve in many other capacities. We have to tell you that, because when you watch them work, you barely see them move at all. Still, the cats rule the roost, so to speak, as the goats and other animals appear to worship them. As is their due. #cat #goat #barncat
Baby Goats Play King of the Hill with a BucketIn the end, the legend foretells, there can be only one.If the world was perfect, we could live together in peace and harmony. All of us could rest easily upon the bucket. But the world is far from perfect. It’s a goat eat goat world out there, for there is room for only one goat on the bucket. Let the grand melee begin!TikTok user DeWulver operates a petting zoo in Heuvelland, Belgium. There, gladiator goats battle in the arena for the deranged amusement of visitors. We have not yet elevated ourselves above this bloodsport.-via Born in Space#goat
Biquette the Grindcore Goat Loved to Listen to Punk RockHave you seen this viral photo of a goat chillin’ at a punk rock show?Several years ago, photos of the goat calmly listening in the front row of a show by the grindcore band Wormrot went viral on the Internet, earning her the sobriquet of “Punk Rock Goat.” The 10-year-old goat’s name was Biquette (or French for “young female goat” - so Biquette the goat roughly translates to “Goat the goat”). As if that’s not cool enough, it turned out that the goat used to “work” at a milking factory before she escaped death at a slaughterhouse when her bosses there sent her to a farm in Mauriac, south-central France. There, she hung out at the barn which doubled as a stage for some hardcore music fans.“Seeing as the barn floor where we throw the concerts is wooden, I think that she felt the vibrations in her hooves. The majority of the time she even laid down next to the speakers,” her owner, Flo, said to Vice magazine’s Noisey. It seemed that Biquette particularly liked the Singaporean grindcore band Wormrot, which she followed like a tame dog. “When it was Wormrot’s turn to play, the goat suddenly went in front of the crowd and watched them play the whole set,” said band manager Azean Rot, “It was just chilling around the corner when other bands were playing.”Grindcore wasn’t Biquette’s only love - according to Flo, she also drank alcohol and ate cigarette butts from the ashtrays or took lit ones from people who were smoking, both of which might have contributed to her early death in 2014. It seemed that Biquette lived as she died - metal and hardcore. RIP Punk Rock Goat!Image: Biquette De Mauriac/Facebook​#goat #grindcore #punkrock #heavymetal #metal
Gus the Goat Ran Away, But was Later Lured Back Home with The Promise of French FriesA mischievous goat by the name of Gus, who hails from the city of Portland, was said to have run away and ended up being found on the roof of a home in the neighborhood of Bethany.The homeowner reported to the KATU Staff that they had initially seen two goats casually roaming around the neighborhood one Sunday. These incidents of seeing animals are said to be pretty common in the area. They would often see signs of wildlife like deer and coyotes. This, however, was the first time they had seen goats.The Washington County Sheriff’s Office said that, “Deputies were called out to help when Gus started ‘doing his best Rudolph the Reindeer impression.’”It was eventually reported that the goat was safely lured back down to the ground with some french fries.Image Credit: KATU News#goat #roof #wildlife
Snacks for a Goat and His Little FriendThe best way to call a goat is to always have something good to eat on hand. And who doesn't love fresh berries? But this short video doesn't end the way you expect. Get ready for an adorable surprise.