Giant Dog Loves Tiny Human

We've seen enough pet and baby videos to know that dogs and cats recognize infants of another species and have feelings for them. When your beloved humans reproduce, it's an opportunity to show even more love! Phil the malamute knew what was going on even before Mia was born. While his buddies Niko and Teddy were happy about the new arrival, Phil was utterly in love.

Phil is protective, cuddly, and playful with the baby. He is always there, keeping his eye on her. Don't miss the part where he tucks her blanket around her! See more of the Matthews family and their malamutes at Instagram, and see their cat Milo at his own page. Scrolling through those galleries, you learn that all the animals are quite attached to Mia. There's even a series of pictures in which Mia and Milo the cat dressed as twins when they were about the same size. Now that Mia is a toddler, she loves the pets as much as they love her.

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