Endangered Species Jigsaw Puzzles with Only as Many Pieces As Animals Left in the Wild

World Wildlife Fund Canada announced a collection of jigsaw puzzles they created with design agency AKQA to raise awareness about biodiversity loss.

Entitled Endangered Pieces, four puzzles are produced containing only as many pieces as animals left in the wild. The giant panda puzzle is the largest one with 1,864 pieces, thanks to successful conservation actions. The Sumatran tiger puzzle is 400 pieces, the pygmy three-toed sloth is 79 pieces, and the Southern Resident killer whale is the smallest puzzle with just 73 pieces.

All information about how and when the puzzles will be available for purchase can be found at endangeredpieces.wwf.ca. All proceeds will go to WWF-Canada’s critical conservation work.

Image credit: WWF & AKQA PR Assets - Endangered Pieces

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