Panda Cubs Being ClingyYou know how any task takes four times as long to accomplish when you've got toddlers around? It's true for pandas as well as human babies. This guy just wants to get the bamboo arranged, and one little roly-poly youngster is just begging for attention. He is quite determined to get what he wants, and he's cute enough to get it!
Meet Qi Zai, the World's Only Captive Brown PandaSay hello to Qi Zai, a unique brown-and-white panda who lives in Foping Panda Valley, China. He’s the only brown panda in captivity right now and the spotted number of his kind can be counted on one’s fingers — he’s really quite special.
Endangered Species Jigsaw Puzzles with Only as Many Pieces As Animals Left in the WildWorld Wildlife Fund Canada announced a collection of jigsaw puzzles they created with design agency AKQA to raise awareness about biodiversity loss.Entitled Endangered Pieces, four puzzles are produced containing only as many pieces as animals left in the wild. The giant panda puzzle is the largest one with 1,864 pieces, thanks to successful conservation actions. The Sumatran tiger puzzle is 400 pieces, the pygmy three-toed sloth is 79 pieces, and the Southern Resident killer whale is the smallest puzzle with just 73 pieces.
Snow Day at the Smithsonian's National Zoo: Panda Cub Xiao Qi Ji Plays in the SnowWe can't stop laughing at this lovely and hilarious video of a big panda cub sliding down a hill on his belly.Let me introduce you to Xiao Qi Ji!On his first winter outing, the 16-month-old male giant panda cub displayed his adorable belly-sliding abilities. The first time Xiao Qi Ji saw snow was early in the morning ofJanuary 3, 2022. You can see his slight hesitation at first, but as he moved into it, he began to plow his face into the snow, roll around in it, and belly slide down towards his friend.From the looks of it, he was having a great time on his first snow day.Video by: Smithsonian's National Zoo#SnowDay #Panda #Cub #BellySlide 
Cleaning War: Panda Cubs vs Their NannyIt takes a LOT of patience to clean with panda cubs around. That's what a panda caretaker known as "Nanny Mei" finds out on a daily basis as she tries to clean the panda's enclosure at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.Several years ago, a video from pandapia showing Nanny Mei trying to clean up fallen leaves while a cute panda cub named Meng Lan tried to "help" her out went viral with over 20 million views. Nanny Mei won that round as she easily handled the panda cub by carrying it away upside down or pinning it to the ground with her legs.So naturally, the panda brought friends for the next match up: this time, it was Nanny Mei versus three panda cubs on the loose. "Where there are pandas, there are troubles," Nanny Mei succinctly summarized her experience.#panda #Chengdu #cleaning