Katmai National Park's Fat Bear Cams are Back! In the fall, we enjoy Fat Bear Week, a tournament featuring the bears of Katmai National Park and Preserve, to crown the fattest bear. It's a good thing, as the weight they put on during the summer will keep them alive during winter hibernation. The Alaskan park has turned the cameras on as of today, so you can see where the bears begin on their weight-gain journey. As they slowly emerge from hibernation, they are at their skinniest. Soon, the salmon will run and it's party time for hungry bears and their cubs. Some of these bears will put on hundreds of pounds before Fat Bear Week. And many of them have gained internet fame for their eating abilities. Viewers have already spotted Grazer, also known as bear 128, with her two cubs. You can watch the bear cams any time at Explore. They are often trained on Brooks Falls, where the salmon will soon appear. (Image credit: National Park Service)#bear #fatbear #KatmaiNationalPark #webcam
The Nest Webcam Dilemma: When to Interfere with NatureAfter an alarming decline in the 1970s, bald eagles are now thriving, and we get to watch some of them lay eggs and raise chicks with live nest cameras. The webcams draw dedicated fans, and when something goes wrong, they demand that something be done. When a tree leans over, they want to prop it up. When an eagle parent dies, they want the babies rescued. Wildlife organizations have to explain to people that it's just nature taking its course. Policies vary among organizations, but rarely will they interfere with disasters that may befall a nest. Some groups offer pre-made nests, in safer tree, but they cannot make the birds accept them. Some draw a line between saving a bird that suffers from a manmade problem and those suffering from the forces of nature. And they have to educate the public along the way. For example, kestrel chicks don't just fly from the nest when they fledge. They are more likely to fall to the ground, prompting viewers to call and demand they be rescued. Sure, they're in danger, but that's how kestrels do it. A local power company builds safe artificial nests for ospreys, but the birds are just as likely to nest atop power poles. What can you do? Read about nest webcams and the fans who prefer their viewing to have a happy ending at the Colorado Sun. -via Fark#eagle #baldeagle #nestcam #webcam 
Mommy and Daddy Stork Celebrate Their First EggWatch the cute way this mommy and daddy stork celebrated their first egg!The webcam Čapí hnízdo v Bohuslavicích (Stork's nest in Bohuslavice) lets us watch the life of a pair of storks named Bohunka and Bohouš, who nested in the chimney of the factory of a clothing company called KARA in the village of Bohuslavice in the Czech Republic.On April 4, 2019, the stork couple became proud stork parents-to-be with the laying of their first egg and the moment was caught on camera. First, Bohunka  the female stork got up all of the sudden. And as if she couldn't believe that she's laid an egg, she looked down and poked it with her bill. That alerted her partner Bohouš ... then the two birds reared their heads and clacked excitedly!If you like that, check out the other videos as well as livestream of the Bohuslavice stork nest.#stork #webcam