The Tiny British Spider Who Got a Huge Amount of PressAs Queen Elizabeth's funeral procession was underway, all eyes were on her heartbroken family and her beautifully adorned casket. Atop the casket, just behind the crown jewels, one could see an intricate flower arrangement. The flower bouquet was said to contain many of the Queen's favorite blooms. Carefully nestled among those gorgeous and colorful petals was a white card. A card written by none other than her son King Charles. A note to his mother and predecessor.What happened next was out of place, but not entirely unexpected. A small spider, not knowing he was trespassing, walked across that bright white card and caught the attention of the entire world. Where did the spider come from? The flowers? The room? Who was this spider? What was this spider’s story? The world wondered and the internet went wild. The New York Post published an article titled, “Spider spotted crawling on top of Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral Casket.” Many people tweeted. People magazine even went so far as to suggest the spider was there as a good omen.Sadly, not too much is really known about this little arthropod. All the information we have about it is contained in the blurry images captured on film. We do, however, know that its presence was felt around the world. For a brief moment, this was the tiny little spider who unwittingly got a huge amount of press.  (Image Credit: BBC)#spider #QueenElizabeth #funeral
Royal Bees Were Properly Informed of Queen Elizabeth's DeathJust in case anyone was wondering, the Royal Bee Keeper did properly inform the Royal Bee Hives of Queen Elizabeth's passing.According to the Daily Mail, the official Palace Beekeeper notified two hives at Clarence House and five hives at Buckingham Palace that the Queen had died. Mr. Chapple, the Royal Bee Keeper, was said to have whispered to each of them that their old mistress was dead. He also notified them that a new master was in her place.  Black mourning ribbons were then affixed to the outside of the bee boxes. Apparently it is a centuries old tradition to notify a hive when there is an important death in the family. There is a superstitious belief that the bees will leave or stop producing honey if they are not properly informed of a death or change of ownership. Clearly there was no more important death to these bees than the death of their beloved queen.     (Image Credit: John Chapple)#Bee #QueenBee #QueenElizabeth #Death #BeeKeeping
Baby White Rhino is Named Queenie to Mark Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee Year“I thought it might be a bit presumptuous to call our new baby Elizabeth, so I have christened her Queenie instead. I think it is a perfect name for a young lady rhino,” said Reggie Heyworth, managing director of Cotswold Wildlife Park who named a new animal after Queen Elizabeth. The calf was named in honor of the 70th year of the Queen’s service on the throne.Videos of the newborn white rhino were shared by the Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens in Burford, Oxfordshire. She was seen bounding around in the park’s rhino paddock and solar-powered rhino house after being in an enclosure since her birth.Queenie was the fifth female baby rhino to be born in a row and the latest animal to be named after a royal family member. In fact, a bactrian camel at the park was named Louis after the Queen’s great-grandson because he was born on the same day.
This Cat Dresses Up as Different Book and Movie CharactersA cat cosplaying as various literary characters? Now that is a great way to gain public attention and adoration! The Centre County Library and Historical Museum employs a one-of-a-kind staff member: a cat. The animal, named Horatio, stars on the public library’s Instagram weekly, dressed as a fictional character.The social media campaign was established to attract the public’s attention to the library and its collection. In addition, the establishment aims to increase the number of readers and art consumers. Horatio, the photogenic cat, who lives with social worker Lisa Shaffer, is a sweet and docile cat. Shaffer adds that the furry model gets treats during their photoshoots, and is very patient and easily wears the different costumes laid out for him. What a superstar! Image credit: Centre County Library#Cats #Horatio #CentreCountyLibrary #Caturday #CatCosplay #HarryPotter