The Tiny British Spider Who Got a Huge Amount of Press

As Queen Elizabeth's funeral procession was underway, all eyes were on her heartbroken family and her beautifully adorned casket. Atop the casket, just behind the crown jewels, one could see an intricate flower arrangement. The flower bouquet was said to contain many of the Queen's favorite blooms. Carefully nestled among those gorgeous and colorful petals was a white card. A card written by none other than her son King Charles. A note to his mother and predecessor. 

What happened next was out of place, but not entirely unexpected. A small spider, not knowing he was trespassing, walked across that bright white card and caught the attention of the entire world. Where did the spider come from? The flowers? The room? Who was this spider? What was this spider’s story? The world wondered and the internet went wild. The New York Post published an article titled, “Spider spotted crawling on top of Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral Casket.” Many people tweeted. People magazine even went so far as to suggest the spider was there as a good omen.

Sadly, not too much is really known about this little arthropod. All the information we have about it is contained in the blurry images captured on film. We do, however, know that its presence was felt around the world. For a brief moment, this was the tiny little spider who unwittingly got a huge amount of press.  

(Image Credit: BBC)

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