Woman Built a "Cat Ladder" to Save Stray Cats from the Cold

Now this is what you call a heartwarming meow-ment! This kind lady built a “cat ladder” leading to her home for neighborhood cats looking for shelter. 

Sebnem Ilhan has a big heart for animals and considers the felines around her neighborhood family. In her hometown of Tekirdag, Turkey, the winters are harsh. She was worried for these homeless cats who were left without warmth and enough food when the temperatures dropped, so she decided to open her home for them.

Ilhan built a little staircase in front of her window so stray cats could crawl up and take shelter in her home. She personally cared for and fed the felines herself, something that she’s really passionate about. To date, she has welcomed ten kitties into her house, a little joy that definitely meant the world for the animals.

Image: Sebnem Ilhan

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