White Rhinoceros Fights a Cape Buffalo in a Head-to-Head Battle in South African Kariega Game Reserve

There was no bell to start the fight, but perhaps the rhino and the Cape buffalo heard it in their ears as they charged head-to-head on the grassy arena of the Kariega Game Reserve. Other buffalo gathered around the two combatants to watch the fight, while a female rhino with her calf watched the action from a safer distance.

ā€‹A cloud of dust formed as the two animals butted heads against each other. Despite the buffalo weighing less than the rhino (rhinos can weigh up to 6,000 pounds, and buffaloes only weigh 1,500 pounds), the buffalo displayed determination and proved to be a worthy opponent.

It is worth noting that Deryck Howarth, the ranger who captured this footage, also captured similar footage three years ago. Said footage featured the same rhino and a buffalo duking it out. The buffalo three years ago may be the same as this one.

Watch the full video below.

(Image Credit: Kariega Game Reserve via Facebook)

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Video: Kariega Game Reserve

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