This Pug Looks So Excited to Meet the Newest Member of the Family

They say that if you introduce your child to your dog, the dog will either get jealous or warm. In this case, it is the latter.

Brianna Haynes tweeted a picture of a man holding a newborn baby. He was introducing the child to their grandparents and their dog. Under the same thread, Brianna clarified that the newborn child is not her own. The child is her cousin’s child. The cousin, the father of the child, is the man holding the child.   

In the photo, the dad introduces the baby to grandparents, through the glass. The grandparents are also holding their family dog named "Oz." Oz gives a big and warm smile to the baby.

Apparently, the baby is named after the great grandfather and grandfather. The baby also happened to be was born on the same day as the great grandfather who would have been 110 on that day.

​Image credit: @briannalhaynes on Twitter

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