The Great Dane and his Foster Kittens

Corbin is a great Dane. He's far from overweight, but he's so tall that he weighs 150 pounds. That's a big dog. Corbin's humans though it would be wise to keep him apart from the new foster kittens they'd taken in for the Ontario SPCA & Humane Society. But Corbin was very serious, and when he finally got a look at the kittens, he fell in love with them.

Corbin was always so gentle with the kittens, and had a particular fondness for a female kitten named Jesper. When Jesper found a forever home, Corbin was crushed, but the experience only made him more eager to show affection to the next group of kittens... and the next. Now Corbin is rather well-known for being a great canine foster dad, no matter how tiny the kittens (or puppies) are. You can see more of Corbin and his tiny charges at his Instagram gallery.

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