The Demon Cat of Washington, D.C.

Lincoln's ghost isn't the only apparition to haunt the White House. The Demon Cat of Washington, often referred to as DC, stalks federal buildings and grounds and occasionally scares the wits out of someone. The cat first appears as a regular size house cat, but then grows to enormous proportions, once reported to have reached the size of an elephant! Sometimes described as a tabby, other times as black (most likely depending on the lighting), DC is always reported to have glowing eyes.

According to the White House Historical Association, the Demon Cat first appeared during the Civil War, when the Capitol Building was used to feed soldiers and had a lot of provisions stored in the basement, drawing rats. The Demon Cat has been sighted at many locations since, mostly underground at night.

Of course, any large building where people live, work, or eat will be attractive to rats, and the rats will attract cats. Even today, cats often roam the basements and underground corridors of Washington, and they are tolerated for their pest control talents. And some are even invited guests, such as presidents' pets. Read about the many sightings of the Demon Cat at Greek Reporter.   -via Fark ā€‹

(Image credit: X737257)

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