Starlink Satellite Dishes are Cat Attracters

Elon Musk's company SpaceX is offering a satellite internet service called Starlink. To use Starlink, you install a small satellite dish. One of Starlink's features is a defroster for its dishes called Snow Melt Mode, designed to keep snow buildup from interfering with your internet signal. As soon as the first snowfall came, we find out what could possibly go wrong.

We fits, therefore we sits.

Who could have seen this coming when you put a self-heating dish-shaped appliance in the yard in winter? Aaron Taylor said the five cats on the dish did slow their signal down to the point they couldn't watch movies, but never stopped internet service completely. He plans to move the dish to a more inaccessible spot.

By the way, you should click through and read the memes posted in reply to the Twitter picture, because they're hilarious. -Thanks, WTM!

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