Sleep Researcher Lets Her 5 Cats Choose Her Sleeping Locations

Cats can apparently sleep anywhere, but have certain preferred locations. And they sleep a lot. Cats typically sleep 12-16 hours a day. Do they know something that we humans don’t?

Yuri Nakahashi, a doctoral student at Hosei University, decided to find out. Spoon & Tamago reports on her work. She has five cats and speculated that they chose sleeping locations for optimal conditions of mood, light, warmth, and coziness. For 24 nights, she imitated their sleeping locations and measured her sleep with a FitBit.

Quantitively, there was no significant difference in the sleep acquired. But, more personally, Nakahashi reported feeling excited about not knowing where she would be sleeping on any given night. She also received increased affection from her cats, who apparently Nakahashi's desire to be more cat-like.

-via Super Punch

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