Rating the Many Items the Cat Brings to Her

Taryn Troutman got a new cat last year and named him Coconut. Coconut is a very loving and generous cat. When Taryn is sitting on the couch, Coconut will bring her "gifts." Well, maybe they are gifts, maybe they are pleas for attention ("look what I found!"), or possibly an invitation to play. At any rate, it's an adorable habit. Taryn started to pull out the phone whenever Coconut came running with something to show her, and made a couple of compilations, complete with ratings for the objects that Coconut selects to bestow on her.

The highest ratings go to things that mean a lot to Coconut, like her favorite toys. A piece of kitty litter? Not so much.


you guys… the long awaited part 2 (please enjoy the new orange couch) #cat #foryou #funnyy #catsoftiktok #kitten #part2

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Now that's a good kitty. You can see more of Coconut at TikTok and Instagram. -via Laughing Squid 

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